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Rudy Giuliani Recalls Divorce Paperwork: Some Information Concerning Her Lost Divorce Papers

“Rudy Giuliani Recalls Divorce Paperwork,” she has been cautioned that he may anticipate being taken into custody by a deputy if he does not produce the documentation of the payments he alleges he paid to his ex-wife.

Rudy Giuliani Avoided Divorce Payments and Court, Risking Incarceration

The tough-talking ex-mayor, who made his name by sending lawbreakers to jail, happened upon an equally tough-talking judge ready to do the same thing to him as he did to the lawbreakers who earned him his reputation.

Rudy Giuliani has been warned that he may expect to be taken away by a deputy if he does not show the documentation of the payments he alleges he paid to his ex-wife. Giuliani maintains that he made the payments to his ex-wife.

On Friday, the judge of the Manhattan Civil Court, Michael Katz, made the following remark: “I mean, the sheriff is on notice to appear at any moment’s notice.” “On the spur of the moment” “This is a pretty serious predicament,” the speaker remarked. “I moment’s notice”

Katz had earlier issued an order mandating that the former Trump adviser pay the sum of $235,000 to his ex-wife Judith Nathan as part of the divorce settlement scheduled to be concluded in 2019.

Giuliani claims that the amount is a “big exaggeration” and that he owns the evidence to show it, even though he skipped a recent court hearing. He also claims that he has the documents to prove he owns the documentation. On the other hand, he has not yet delivered all of it, and the judge is becoming increasingly irritated as the delay continues.

Katz was perplexed by the delay in obtaining checks from Citibank, and he conveyed his perplexity by saying, “I don’t see why it takes two months.” “I could view all the information about my finances by entering my passcode into a computer system. Regardless of this, he has already delivered them to the audience.”

 I have no interest in remanding someone in jail unless I am satisfied that they have not completed their commitments to the maximum degree feasible. This is the only condition under which I would consider doing so.

Rudy Giuliani Recalls Divorce Paperwork
Rudy Giuliani Recalls Divorce Paperwork

Meanwhile, Giuliani indicated that he may have already reimbursed his ex-wife and that she is inflating the amount that she claims to be due to him. He added that she is exaggerating the amount she claims to be owing to him. The judge gave both parties the instruction to gather the evidence necessary for them to present in court later.

Giuliani was quoted as saying, “I’ve made every single monthly payment except for two.” “In addition, at our most recent encounter, I presented her with a check for the sum of $45,000 to cover the cost of that expenditure. It’s possible that I overpaid her for it, but I can’t be sure.”

Giuliani shifted the blame for his issues with the paperwork onto the bank, saying that it was their fault. He acknowledged that he had erred by not appearing in court on the scheduled day.

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has acknowledged, in light of the several legal proceedings in which he is currently involved, that “It was really foolish, and it was not on intention, I made a mistake.” “My excuse is that I made a mistake while walking away from the courthouse and misunderstood what I was supposed to write down. I won’t deceive you in any way, shape, or form. I am being straightforward with you here.

A criminal inquiry is being conducted into whether or not Donald Trump attempted to influence the outcome of the presidential election in Georgia in 2020. This is one of Giuliani’s numerous legal problems. This inquiry is now taking place in the state of Georgia. In reaction to reports that he might be subject to criminal charges in connection with the case, Rudolph Giuliani testified in front of a grand jury in Atlanta in August.


A former mayor who built his name by sending criminals to prison now faces a judge who has no qualms about doing the same to him.

A severe warning has been issued to Rudy Giuliani, which goes as follows: either present the documents of payments he claimed he gave to his ex-wife or be prepared for a deputy to take him to jail and interview him about the charges he is making about himself. The deputy will take him into custody and question him about the claims if he does not comply with either demand.

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