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Ryan Martin Net Worth 2022 Early Life & More Details!

Race car driver and reality television star Ryan Martin have a net worth of $2 million. As a member of the “Oklahoma City” squad and a co-owner of B&R Performance, he is a well-known figure. Martin’s success in the No Prep Kings tournament has made him a household name.

He races a Fireball Camaro and, although being a relative newcomer to the racing field, he has been involved in it for a long time. A newcomer to the reality TV series, Martin is an accomplished racer. He’s up against the likes of Big Chief, Chuck, Daddy Dave, and others in the world of street car racing. Martin has risen to sixth place in the rankings.

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In streetcar racing, he uses self-taught skills and is harsh. He has also competed in Street Outlaws representing Interstate 405 in the past. Before his success on the show, he had reportedly worked with high-profile racing people, and his shop was already well-known.

Ryan Martin’s Net Worth

It’s anticipated that Ryan Martin will have a fortune of $2 million by the year 2022. Martin’s success on the television show Street Outlaws is the primary source of his income. For each episode of Street Outlaws, he is earning between $20,000 and $30,000.

In addition, his racing victories, brand endorsements, and sponsorships bring in money for him. As a result, he also owns and operates an auto repair and parts shop in Oklahoma. An important part of his net worth is his expanding business and impressive automobile collection.

Early Life

Ryan Martin was born on December 1st, 1977, in Ohio, the United States. Artistic interests have always been a part of his life, from drawing and painting as a child to photography as an adult. While he was growing up, he had aspirations of pursuing a career in the arts.


As a partner with B&R Performance, he has worked with several rising stars, including Freakin’ Rican and Jackie Knox. Upgrades range from $8,899 to roughly $50,000, with the former being the most affordable option.

Keychains, tee-shirts, hats, and cups are all part of the B&R Performance retail range. Pre-orders for two collectible diecast cars from the same product are currently available online.

A few seasons back, he decided to take his tremendously fast Camaro out for a spin on the open road. Martin drives a Fireball Camaro to promote the business. Martin quickly became an integral member of the Oklahoma City Thunder squad.

Currently, Martin can be seen as a member of the Street Outlaws cast on the Discovery Channel. Starting in Oklahoma City, it has spread to other places including New Orleans and Memphis as the seasons have progressed. Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings is an offshoot of the original series.

Ryan Martin Net Worth

Personal Life

Though they’ve been together for six years, Martin Casey and Cherish Casey, aka “Momma Fireball,” are not married. Blind dates brought them together. Dax is their only child. Aside from B&R Performance and Ryan’s street racing, Cherish and Ryan works together at B&R Performance.

A lot of people have claimed that Ryan was previously married to his ex-wife Alicia, whom he met when he was only 18 years old, according to numerous websites. Also named were Corvin and Covil, his two sons.

Car Collection

Martin is reported to have a large collection of high-end cars. He races against a Camaro Fireball. The car’s twin turbochargers provide the engine with a lot of power and acceleration.

Ryan Martin’s Facts

  • Martin acknowledges that his mother is his superhero since she saved his life.
  • The most vivid and enduring memory of his childhood is of horseback riding with his mother.
  • Martin cannot live without energy drinks.
  • Martin hates being average, he is a perfectionist.
  • Martin is a huge music fan. He enjoys music by a variety of artists, including Dr. Dre, Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Johnny Cash, Lil Wayne, and Lil Wayne.
  • The Two-Lane Blacktop is his all-time favorite movie among the many that he has seen.

YouTube video


He is widely regarded as one of the best professional race car drivers in the world. Astonishing the judges and other players on the show, he’s even earned the competition’s top spot on the leaderboard.

Martin has had a long and successful career as a professional race car driver. Consequently, the majority of drivers who compete on an equal playing field have won more money than he has.

By the end of July 2022, Ryan Martin’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

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