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Sarah Palin Claims She Appeared on the Masked Singer to Give the “Haters a Walking Middle Finger.”!

And that’s exactly what Sarah Palin wanted: to stun viewers of The Masked Singer when she exposed herself to be Bear. The lawmaker justified her participation in the programme by saying she wanted to “walk the middle finger to the haters.”

On Wednesday’s Masked Singer aftershow, she told presenter Nick Cannon, “It was all about the mask.” “It would be a breath of fresh air, a sense of liberation, and, well, in a respectful manner, a middle finger to the naysayers out there in the world, because I could do whatever I wanted and not care what anyone said about it. Ultimately, it was a successful outcome.”

In the March 11 episode of Season 3, Palin was exposed as the former Alaska governor and failed vice presidential candidate who had been hiding out as the Bear. As “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot rang out, she made her way out. A song Palin had remembered in the 1980s, “Rapper’s Delight,” was a close second.

The “craziest” thing she’s ever done, Palin said, appearing on the show brought her more good publicity than any of her political efforts. The response she received from The Masked Singer was unlike anything she had experienced in her previous 12 years of professional life, during which she had worked on “intellectual, political remarks and all this.”

sarah palin masked singer

“This was an upbeat piece. In a word, it was inspiring. I found it to be utterly fascinating. Honestly, I can’t believe you even asked me whether I’d be interested in helping out with this.”

Palin has experience in the arts industry. After being notably ridiculed by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live, she made several guest appearances as herself, and in 2016, she participated as a panellist on the return of the game programme Match Game, presented by Alec Baldwin.

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Lil Wayne, Tony Hawk, and Rob Gronkowski are just a few other famous faces who have been booted from this season’s The Masked Singer. Following tonight’s elimination of Kitty, the show will go on to the semi-finals. The cat was revealed to be opera diva Jackie Evancho.

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