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Sawyer Scarborough Road Was Closed by Police After a Major Accident, and an Air Ambulance Was Dispatched to the Area

According to reports, a significant incident has resulted in the closure of a route in Scarborough that runs along the waterfront. Marine Drive has been closed in both directions following an incident that occurred to the north of Luna Park, where emergency personnel, including an air ambulance, are currently on the site.

The road will stay closed in both directions until the incident causing it has been dealt with, according to the police, who advise cars to avoid the area. Find out more about the tragic reason behind the appearance of black crosses on doorsteps in Scarborough by clicking here.

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According to the account of one local neighbor, a coastguard aircraft also arrived in the area close to the “horrific images.” According to what was reported, a motorbike and a car were involved in a collision, and the injured party was taken away by helicopter. In an effort to obtain a comment, Yorkshire Live has reached out to North Yorkshire Police.

The following are two more photographs that were shot shortly after the incident that occurred on Marine Drive in Scarborough: On Marine Drive in Scarborough, there were sightings of two helicopters in the area of the event. The traffic closure that occurred earlier this evening on Marine Drive in Scarborough Comments.

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