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A Wiki Biography of Seven Sirius Benjamin

Being the child of a celebrity might help you enjoy and gain popularity. Even so, it was often difficult for them to establish themselves as individuals such that others recognized them by their names rather than the legacy of their parents.

Any celebrity child wishes to be known for his job and professionalism rather than his parents and siblings. People are curious about Seven Sirius Benjamin, who has an exciting and vibrant personality. In this post, we will look at the life of a child whose parents were living legends and icons for him and the rest of the world. Yes, we will examine seven Sirius Benjamin, whose parents were leaders in their areas before he was born.

Who Exactly Is Seven Sirius Benjamin?

Seven Sirius Benjamin is the son of Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu, two well-known American hip-hop artists. Everyone would be surprised to learn that, despite being the child of superstars or legends, he is not particularly social and avoids social media sites. People all throughout the world still aspire to see Seven Sirius Benjamin in the film industry one day. Because Seven Sirius Benjamin does not have a social media account, there are no new images of him on the internet.

Early years

He was born on November 18, 1997, in Dallas, Texas, USA. Erykah Badu’s mother was a multi-talented musician, songwriter, actress, and record producer. Andre 3000, his father, was also a rapper, singer, composer, and record producer. They are both regarded as magicians and legends in their own domains. Seven Sirius Benjamin was only one and a half years old when his parents divorced, but they raised him as if their decision had no negative impact on his personality. Lawrence, his grandfather, was a collection agent who died in 2014, and Sharon Benjamin, his grandmother, died in 2013.

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Net Wealth

Because he is not on social media, no one knows about his bank accounts, and more facts about his net worth are unknown. His father is worth approximately 35 million dollars, while her mother is worth approximately 10 million dollars.


Many people are curious about seven Sirius Benjamin’s profession, but no one knows for certain. Instead, he is focused on his studies and does not reveal any information about his vocation. His mother revealed to him in one of the interviews that he is studying Botany at college. We have discussed the life of famous musician Andre 3000 in this post; Seven Sirius Benjamin is not a social person. So, except for his parents and a few close friends, no one knows much about him, and he has a distinct personality.

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