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Shawn Johnson Posts a Heartfelt Message on the Anniversary of Her Miscarriage in 2017

Shawn Johnson is contemplating the importance of October 19 at this very moment. An agonizing story about the loss of her first child, which she was expecting with her husband Andrew East and shared on Instagram, the former Olympic gymnast explained how five years ago she found out that she had suffered a miscarriage.

She said in the caption, “October 19th… always hits a little hard for me in such a bittersweet way,” which is how she feels about the day every year. “I had a miscarriage on that day in 2017, but a little more than a year later, I found out that it was Drew Hazel’s due date,” she said. “It was the day I miscarried our first baby.”

 Shawn Johnson is expecting a child despite having a previous pregnancy end in miscarriage. In 2017, Johnson and East became the first to share their tale with the subscribers of their YouTube channel in a tragic video. At eight weeks into her pregnancy, Johnson shared in the video, which has received more than three million views as of this writing, that she was informed by her doctor that she suffered a miscarriage.

Shawn Johnson

Johnson also discussed the range of feelings, thoughts, and concerns that ensued after the loss of a child. Johnson spoke such words during a Livestream at the time following the news that her pregnancy had ended in a miscarriage. At the time, she had just received the news that she had lost the pregnancy.

Johnson and East are now the proud parents of two young children: a daughter named Drew Hazel East, who is 2 years old, and a son named Jett James East, who is 1 year old. After learning that she was going to have a daughter, Johnson and East once again turned to YouTube to capture their lives at this exciting time. She also discussed how following the loss of the pregnancy she had a difficult time reconciling the thought of attempting to conceive again.

She said, “I can easily feel that my heart is guarding itself because I don’t want to go through it again.” “I don’t want to go through that again.” Johnson admitted in a post that she published on Instagram on Wednesday that the 19th of October continues to leave her feeling “a little melancholy and a little somber,” but she also stated that “God works in such wonderful ways.”

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