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After the U.s. Open, Simona Halep and Her Billionaire Husband Will Split!

Simona Halep is reportedly divorcing her rich husband Toni Iuruc after a disappointing US Open run, as reported by the Romanian daily ProSport. It had been less than a year since the couple’s civil wedding when the decision was made.

ProSport’s sources say the decision will be notarized this Thursday. Despite this, when Toni Iuruc was approached for a remark on the divorce, he said, “I don’t comment on our private life… The divorce is not happening tomorrow, no.

“Stop being so insistent; we won’t be commenting,” Iuruc wrote for Fanatik. ro. Halep and her spouse had vowed from the start of their marriage that they will not divide their wealth. The suspected cause of the breakup is the vast physical distance between Halep and her husband.

Moreover, while Halep and Iuruc’s physical separation may have been a contributing factor, Simona’s early exit from the US Open may have strained their friendship. As reported, Halep was defeated by Daria Snigur of Ukraine in the first round of the US Open.

Help Planned to Marry Religiously in November

Simona Halep and Toni Iuruc, a Romanian millionaire, tied the knot in a civil ceremony last year and announced that their holy wedding will take place on November 13 at the Casino Sinaia in Romania. The wedding celebration’s date and place were revealed by Toni Iuruc.

We appreciate your good wishes on our wedding day. The details are accurate, yes. The ceremony will take place in Sinaia, Romania this coming November. We’re hoping it will be a life-changing experience for both of us, but I’m at a loss for words. In other words, there are the inner workings of our own lives.

Simona Halep is Getting Divorced

Inquire of Simona if you’re interested in the tennis-related conversation. When asked about the wedding date, Halep’s husband Toni Iuruc remarked, “She handles the tennis aspect, she is the specialist, the family champion.” My husband encourages me to pursue tennis as a profession.

He insisted that I enroll in the [Mouratoglou] School. It was an enormous step for me. Moving away from my family and friends and staying here for a long period for training altered the course of my life completely. Recent comments made by Halep regarding her marriage cite meeting Toni as the turning point in her personal life.

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Who is Halep’s Husband?

Toni Iuruc, a 42-year-old millionaire from Aromanian, owns six businesses, one of which is in the advertising industry. The fact that they share the same nationality, Aromanians, which is associated with the Balkans and has notable members such as Simona Halep, Gheorghe Hagi (football legend), and Gheorghe Becali (owner of FCSB football club), only served to cement their relationship.

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