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Singer Chinmayi Sripada Tackles Surrogacy Rumors, Releases Photo Taken ‘5-6 Days After My Loss’

Just, singer Chinmayi Sripada, who recently gave birth to twins Driptah and Sharvas with actor-husband Rahul Ravindran earlier this year, shared the “only selfie” she took throughout her pregnancy with her followers on Instagram. Almost immediately after that, she shared a video in which she discussed the reasons why she refrained from sharing images of her growing baby belly throughout the previous nine months.

She stated in the video, “I posted a photograph of myself when I was 32 weeks pregnant simply because I think, today, I have this little bit of remorse about not taking more images.” “I uploaded a photograph of myself when I was 32 weeks pregnant.”

Chinmayi said that she was anxious following the loss of her pregnancy in November 2020. “I was still turning up to dubbing and recordings and urging them not to take any images and to respect my privacy,” she said. “Around that time, I even had a press meet, and even then, the press was incredibly courteous,” she recalled.

In response to rumors that she had used a surrogate, the singer stated, “As far as these constant questions about surrogacy (are concerned), it doesn’t matter if someone has a baby through surrogacy or IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization) or normally. It doesn’t matter.” Whether the parent is a human or an animal, they both have the role of a mother. Therefore, it does not bother me if people believe that I had babies through surrogacy; it is entirely up to them to infer anything they choose about my family situation. What others think of me has nothing to do with me.” Read more: Here’s What the Rockettes Wear on Stage During Their Iconic Performance, Including a TikTok-viral Mascara

Singer Chinmayi Sripada tackles surrogacy
Singer Chinmayi Sripada tackles surrogacy

Chinmayi spoke out about performing 5 or 6 days after she had a miscarriage, asking everyone to “be compassionate” and not “speculate.” Chinmayi also said that she had a miscarriage. She shared a picture with the caption, “This photo from November 2020 was 5-6 days after my loss.” In the photograph, she can be seen sporting a yellow sari with floral patterns on it.

I went there and put on a show. At a performance, I settled down on a chair and began to sing. The performer stated, “I only said I had a minor surgical procedure and wouldn’t be able to stand and sing but even in my admission I gave a cracker of performance and found joy from my singing, after days of continuous crying,” and went on to say, “looking at this photo – you’d never have known – because I didn’t tell you.”

After Chinmayi made the happy announcement in June that she had given birth to twins, many fans immediately began to speculate that the infants were carried to term by a surrogate mother. In response to these allegations, she published a message in which she stated that she was guarding herself. She began by saying, “I am loving these people who are dm-ing me asking if I had twins through a surrogate just because I didn’t post photos of me being pregnant.” She went on to say, “I am loving these people who are asking if I had twins through a surrogate just because I didn’t post photos of

She said, “Because I was looking out for myself, no one outside of my closest friends and family knew about it.” I was and will continue to be very private about my personal life, including my family and the people in my inner circle of friends. There won’t be any pictures of our children posted on any of our social media platforms for quite some time. Read more: Devastating floods cause death: Nigeria’s internal crisis and widespread damage

Earlier in the week, Chinmayi had also posted a touching image on her Instagram account showing her nursing both her son and daughter. “Tandem feeding is like… the most amazing thing that has ever happened. She captioned the photo with the following: “Le back and shoulders have a different voice though.”

During a previous conversation with indianexpress.com, Dr. Gurpreet Singh Kalra, Medical Director – India, MD MSc FFMLM, Medical Director India, ART Fertility Clinics, Honorary Academic Lecturer University of Bristol (UK), and Fellow Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (UK) mentioned that “miscarriage is more common than you think.”

“Nearly twenty percent of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage, and this percentage includes women who have already been through the pain of losing a baby. However, if you’ve already had two miscarriages, your odds of having another one are increased to 28 percent. Read more: In an Exclusive ‘Sister Wives’ Footage, Kody and Christine Brown Argue for Truely’s Custody

Despite this, there is still a respectable chance of 72 percent for women to bear a healthy baby to term. While you are attempting to conceive again, having an understanding of these probabilities can help lessen your worry and put your mind at ease, as Dr. Kalra explained.

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