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Slingshot Death Video, the Community Wants to Shutter Orlando’s Slingshot Attractions

“Slingshot death video.” It is all about Sampson, a talented linebacker from Missouri with a perfect 4.0-grade point average in the classroom. He passed away in March of this year due to a tragic accident while participating in the Orlando FreeFall attraction. He fell to his death at an incredible height.

The Gory Specifics of the Slingshot Victim’s Video Footage

When Rashon Young was little, he wished he could go to Icon Park and experience the Orlando FreeFall attraction. After 14-year-old Tyre Sampson was killed in March, things started to shift. “We don’t want them here anymore,” Young, an Orlando local, said. There must never be another rider in his eyes.

According to Young, “this community is determined about making them accountable” for the catastrophe at Icon Park. On Wednesday, he met with Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nikki Fried, to voice his concerns. It’s crucial, and Young said to Fried, “that we did not obliterate the past of this young guy.”

At a recent roundtable conversation with concerned community residents, Commissioner Fried and Senator Randolph Bracy, D-Orange County, discussed the future of Icon Park and Orlando Slingshot’s two rides, the Orlando FreeFall and Slingshot.

The most excellent way to send an unambiguous message that you can’t be irresponsible and people can’t die on your ride is to shut them down so they can’t earn any more money, said LaVon Bracy Davis, a candidate for a seat in the Florida House.

Sampson, a great linebacker and honor student from Missouri with a 4.0 GPA, tragically died in March as he attempted to descend the Orlando FreeFall attraction. Since then, the interest has been shut down while the state investigates.

Our customer’s safety is our priority,” said a statement released by Orlando Slingshot’s legal counsel. As soon as the firm secures the requisite governmental clearance, it plans to reopen the Slingshot attraction directly opposite it. “They ought to come and ask for permission first,” Fried remarked.

YouTube video

Fried stated that her agency has concluded the preliminary inquiry but that more study of the ride is ongoing. The probe uncovered evidence that harness sensors on two seats had been adjusted manually to accommodate passengers of a bigger size.

According to the state, Sampson was occupying one of the seats because he was too heavy for the journey. They should have contacted us to inform us that they had made the requested modifications and invited us to return for an inspection. Because they, too, failed to do that, Fried warned that we might take action against them.

Fried has stated that she is becoming increasingly aware of the boundaries of her authority and responsibility concerning riding safely daily. It’s not as much as I’d want, but our authorization is little in the broad scheme of things. It is our job as regulators to ensure that manufacturers’ specifications are adhered to. Read more; Grizzly Man Death: Everything We Want to Know!

No immediate decisions have been taken about the future of the rides. She continued without “extreme negligence” evidence, “we can’t just do a blanket unless we determine that there were serious difficulties with the operator.”

Slingshot death video
Slingshot death video

Senator Randolph Bracy of Texas suggests that the state should be more prominent in vetting ride safety standards. Also, he stressed the importance of taking action against the Slingshot organization.

Bracy says, “I have been in regular conversation with the commissioner to shut down this firm and make sure that not just the FreeFall ride doesn’t open but that none of the other rides they have opens.”

The ride operator, Slingshot, and others were sued by Tyre Sampson’s family for wrongful death when their son died on the ride. Yarnell Sampson Sr., his father, celebrated Father’s Day this week by visiting the construction site. Along with his son’s name, he scribbled “death trap” on a fence around the attraction. Read more: Iran Protests: the Death Toll Rises to 76 as Repression Escalates, According to a Human Rights Group

We have to be the ones to bring about the change, he remarked. If we get 25,000 signatures, they can take down this rollercoaster for good. That’s the end game.

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