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Sophia Grace Responds to Critics She’s Too Young to Be Pregnant

If you’re one of the people that hate others, this one’s for you.

Sophia Grace, who sprang to prominence alongside her cousin Rosie McClelland on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, made the happy announcement that she was expecting on October 22. The 19-year-old now has something to say to them as well.

I think 19 is early to have a baby,” she told E! News exclusively. “In general, most people will tell you that you shouldn’t start a family until you’re 30, married, and settled into your own home. However, it’s only natural that people will have varying points of view.” (Keep reading to find out more about what Sophia had to say in her interview.)

The British certainly do not place any significance on one’s chronological age. I think it depends on the individual, she said. And if you’re prepared and content with the decision, it’s nobody else’s business. Read more: Five Kidnapped Policemen in Cross River Are Released

Of course, there has also been a lot of praise amongst the naysaying. As she said to E!, she had received many encouraging comments along the lines of “You’re young, but I had a kid at your age” and it was “so nice.” “When I hear it from other women, it makes me feel good. And that makes me feel so much more certain.”

Sophia Grace Responds
Sophia Grace Responds

It has calmed her down as well. Sophia said, “At the beginning, I was feeling a bit type of overwhelmed.” “And then you wonder, “How on earth am I going to figure out how to accomplish this?” Please tell me how to learn to bear the baby safely and comfortably! It’s a little eerie.”

She then added, “I know it’s a human, but I think it’ll be second nature when I deliver the kid.” “People in my life have always been there for me and shown me nothing but love and encouragement. The amount of assistance I provide will surprise you, I’m sure. Now I’m sure that things will work out fine.”

And the same is true of her romantic partnerships. However, she is remaining silent about her long-term companion.

Sophia said, “Because I have always been in the limelight, I feel like I want something simple to keep to myself.” “I would be delighted to share him, and I would be happy for him to be in my films, but I feel like when he is secure enough to be in them, then maybe we could do that, and it’ll be very wonderful.” Read more: Cellphone Data Shows Frantic Calls Between Mihalik Murder Suspects

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