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‘Sopranos’ Star John Ventimiglia’s Daughter Odele Dead at 25

John Ventimiglia, star of the HBO series The Sopranos, and his family are grieving the loss of Odele, the actor’s daughter. Belinda, John’s wife, broke the news earlier this month that the couple’s daughter, who was 25 years old, had passed away on January 12.

The text of the post that was published on her Facebook page said, “Heartbroken to have to post our darling Odele’s funeral notice.” “Both her sister Lucinda and I have been completely overtaken by the outpouring of love and support that we have received, as well as the memories that you have shared with us of how cherished Odele was by so many people. Odele was cherished by many people, and her absence has created a significant void in our lives.”

The message went on to say that Odele was survived by her sister Lucinda Ventimiglia, as well as her mother Belinda Cape, her father John Ventimiglia, and her cherished daughter Shiloh. Belinda concluded her article by providing readers with information regarding the funeral service for her daughter, which took place in Brooklyn on Thursday.

At the time, the family asked that in lieu of flowers, monetary contributions be sent to the GoFundMe account that had been established to support Shiloh, Odele’s daughter, in her pursuit of an education. There is no indication as to what caused the death.

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Lucinda, who has taken to her separate social media account to commemorate her sister, is the product of Ventimiglia and Belinda, who are also the parents of Ventimiglia, who portrayed the role of restaurant owner Artie Bucco in the hit HBO series.

“Odele Cape Ventimiglia – 4/7/1997 – 1/12/2023 It is impossible for words to adequately explain the sorrow that we are all experiencing at this time. I had a lot of affection for my younger sister, and I will spend the rest of my life looking for signs of her everywhere I go “the wording of the statement said.

“Funeral services for Odele will be placed at Old First Reformed Church in Park Slope on the following Thursday, January 26, at 12 noon. During this difficult time, my family and I would want to express our sincere appreciation for all of the care and support that we have received from you.

There has never been a time when it has been more obvious how much she meant to a large number of people. Sending love and support to everyone who is struggling to adjust to Odele’s passing; please look out for each other and continue to think of her “the statement that was included.

The first photo of Lucinda’s tribute was the same lone shot of Odele sitting at a table that was shown at the beginning of her mother’s tribute. The following images were included in the post: photos of the sisters when they were younger, photos of Odele during her baby shower, photos with their father, and a portrait of her and her sister Shiloh.

The final image in Lucinda’s message was a lone portrait of her departed sibling. The goal of $50,000 that was set for the GoFundMe account that was set up to help Odele and Shiloh’s child was surpassed when it reached $53.236.

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