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2018’s Emotional Sentencing South Boston Stroller Accident Kills Boy

A South Boston motorist was sentenced on Thursday for his role in a chain reaction incident that killed a child in a stroller in 2018. On July 25, 2018, Charlene Casey, 67, was convicted guilty of negligent motor vehicle homicide in the death of Colin McGrath, who was almost three years old. His younger sibling, who was just four years old at the time, and their caregiver both suffered critical injuries.

The minimum possible sentence suggested by the prosecution was 60 days in jail. The government said the family requested a sentence of at least 90 days. The court gave Casey a one-year prison term, suspended after he served 60 days, and two years of probation. Casey has had her driving privileges suspended for 15 years and is now required to do 100 hours of community service.

Kerri McGrath, Colin’s mother, stated in her victim impact statement that the family now visits a cemetery on Sundays instead of a soccer field. Brendan McGrath, Colin’s dad, read a letter from his son’s sister. Everything was wrecked because of you, it said. Don’t expect my forgiveness until you apologize to me. You’ve done a terrible thing. The McGraths stated that Casey did not show any sorrow for their loss.

South Boston Stroller Accident
South Boston Stroller Accident

I will never watch him mature because she was too lazy to glance to her left. Kerri McGrath said, “There is no way I will dance with him at his wedding.” The accident has left a lasting emotional scar on Casey, according to his counsel. Casey was escorted out of the courtroom in handcuffs after his sentencing.

Casey was stopped at a stop sign at the junction of East Sixth and L streets when the accident occurred. According to the police, when Casey sped through the intersection, she collided with a vehicle that was heading north on L Street. As a result of the broken steering, the van veered off the road and crashed with a stroller carrying Colin. Read more: Rod Dreher Divorce: The Reason Behind Their Separation, The Whole Coverage

As to the police report, Casey was supposed to yield to oncoming traffic on L Street but did not. Casey’s carelessness, the prosecution contended, was ultimately what led to the collision.

However, the defense argued that the collision was a terrible and freak accident because the van was fast and Casey followed all traffic laws at the crossing. Read more: Veteran Dies: Due to Severe Heart Attack During Disney World Ride

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