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Spotify Will Shut Down the “Heardle” Music Guessing Game

Less than a year after purchasing Heardle, the Wordle-inspired name-that-tune game, Spotify has decided to discontinue it. Spotify stated in a statement on Saturday that it had “made the difficult decision to say goodbye to Heardle” after giving it careful thought. On the Heardle webpage, an announcement of this nature was published.

Heardle is a game that plays brief clips of a song and tests participants to see how quickly they can identify it. It first debuted in February 2022 amid a wave of Wordle-based games that were using that format after the New York Times purchased it in January of that year.

(Spoiler alert!) The Offspring’s “Why Don’t You Get a Job” from 1998 served as Saturday’s surprise song. Users could switch from playing the song on the app to disclosing it after Spotify acquired Heardle in July. According to the blog post announcing the acquisition, Spotify’s goal in purchasing the game from its developers was to facilitate this kind of music discovery, or rediscovery.

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But according to a statement made after the game, Spotify intends to “focus our efforts on other features for music discovery.” It’s unclear whether Heardle will be able to continue living somewhere else as the corporation did not provide any additional information on why it was stopping the game.

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When it made the purchase announcement, Spotify did not name the ostensibly modest creator and seller. The individual was described by Variety as a “London-based web and app designer” in an interview from May 2020, but he declined to provide any other information.


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