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Learn About SquareFairy Announces Free Spanish-Language California Divorce Papers

SquareFairy Announces Free Spanish-Language California Divorce Papers: The first user-friendly, DIY Spanish-language website (https://SquareFairy.com/es) for filing for a free California divorce, calculating an accurate child support obligation, and dividing assets equitably and fairly has been released by SquareFairy.

SquareFairy’s CEO Suraj Vasanth said, “Hundreds of people in California have benefited from our services, which have allowed them to better their financial situations and pursue their goals.

A person’s skill in a language other than English should not be held against them in their decision to use SquareFairy. We’re hoping to expand our reach by forming partnerships with California-based organizations that offer free or low-cost services to people dealing with issues related to divorce and child support.”

Legal representation during a divorce can cost thousands of dollars, but thanks to SquareFairy, the initial paperwork can be prepared for zero. There will be lots of mistakes in the divorce paperwork and greater cooperation and civility if the couples can communicate information from their separate accounts.

Candice Saadian Costa, the owner of Golden Gate Mediation in San Francisco and a certified lawyer in the state of California, stated, “With SquareFairy, a complicated problem has a straightforward and simple answer, which is exactly why it is so urgently needed. Additionally, this updated version now appeals to Spanish speakers.”

About SquareFairy

Burlingame, California-based startup SquareFairy Inc. (https://SquareFairy.com) was established in 2019 with the goal of assisting troubled marriages in finding solutions, such as couples counseling, financial support, or a mutually agreeable divorce.

The founders, Suraj Vasanth and Mark Streich were aware of the psychological and financial toll that a divorce can have on a group of friends, and they set out to create mechanisms to ensure that all parties involved were compensated fairly and equitably. You can use SquareFairy wherever you are in the Golden State of California.


The average cost of a divorce attorney in the United States is $7,000. However, with the help of the language website SquareFairy.com, you may prepare your own divorce paperwork for free by answering a few basic questions.

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