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Srinu Vaitla Divorce: Why did they get divorced?

Srinu Vaitla is a director of Telugu cinema. He is best known for his comedy action movies. His wife, Stylist Roopa Vaitla, filed for Divorce from Srinu Vaitla. Some sources say that this Divorce will happen with the mutual consent of both. Let’s try to know the reason behind Srinu Vaitla’s Divorce.

The story behind the Srinu Vaitla divorce

Rupa Vaitla, Wife of Srinu Vatila, has been living separately for the last four years. They both marry each other nineteen tears back. The sources reveal that the award-winning director fell in love nineteen years back with Roopa.

Professionally, she is a costume designer. Roopa starts her career after getting married. She works with many celebrities, and she is also an entrepreneur.

She became a costume designer with the help of his husband; after her marriage, Srinu Vaitla got Roopa trained in costume designing, making her a famous costume designer.

Roopa is best known for her Costume design for the heroines Samantha for her film Dookudu and Kajal for her movie Baadshah. Samantha approved Roopa as her designer but was replaced by another costume designer two years ago. Roopa works in many films of Srinu as a costume designer.

Srinu Vaitla divorce
Srinu Vaitla divorce

The sources show that Roopa Vaitla had been tired of separating from her husband for years. Also, she said she is fed up with his attitude; Now she wants to separate from Srinu legally. For the procedure of Divorce, she filed a case in the court of Hyderabad.

For some time, this news was not revealed officially because both had not taken any decision yet to take a divorce. But now Roopa Vaitla finally decided to dissolve their marriage.

The official statements about the valid reason for their Divorce of both of them are yet to be released. Roopa’s parents want them to stay together, but She will not accommodate him and has moved to Nampally court to seek a legal separation.

Who is Srinu Vaitla?

Srinu Vaitla is an Indian film director named Sreenu Vaitla, directing Telugu Films. Srinu was born on 24 September 1972 in Kndulapalem, Andhra Pradesh, India. Since the start of his career, he has worked in many films as a Director and screenplay writer.

His first debut in Telugu cinema was the directional of Nee Kosam (1999), an Indian Telugu language romantic drama movie starring Ravi Teja and Maheshwari. After that, he made Anandam, including many Telugu films such as Venky, Dhee, Dubai Seenu, Sontham, King, Dookudu, Ready, and Baadshah.

Family and Personal life of Srinu Vaitla

Here, we don’t have any information about Srinu’s personal life because he never kept any information about his family and personal life in front of the media except about his wife and children. Rupa Vaitla is Srinu’s wife,e and both have three daughters.

Srinu Vaitla belongs to a Christian family and is very close to his family. After completing schooling and graduation, he took a filmmaking course and worked as an assistant director.

Awards won by Srinu Vaitla

  • His first award was the Nandini Award for Best Feature Film, and the film was Nee Kosam.
  • The second one is the Nandini Award for the Best First Film of a Director (Nee Kosam)
  • Nandini Award for Best Screenplay Writer was for the Nee Kosam, Dhee, and Dookudu.
  • Filmfare Award for the Best Director- Telugu (Dookudu)
  • CinemAA Awards- Best Director (Dookudu)
  • Times of India film awards- Best Director (Dookudu)
  • South Indian International Movie Awards- Best Director (Dookudu)

Roopa Vaitla started her new Business

As everybody knows about Roopa’s profession. Some say she became successful because of her husband, but not everyone knows about her talent. She works as a costume designer and stars in an organic agro-products business. Whose name is Vaitla’s Vedik.

Later, she entered the industry with the innovative idea of starting a one-page feed After she got success in her Vatila’s Vedik. Also, she wrote.

” When you are in oblivion, all you can do is leave a trail of positivity & encouragement. I had started vaitla’s vedik which was received with a lot of love. It is now in safe hands with a brand enhancement..with the same hope and courage. I am stepping into the world of broadcasting and new media production under the name of a One-page feed.

We will use this platform to touch many lives with similar interests & expressions. Lastly, I must say that I will always be grateful for support and love,” she wrote. She became a quiet inspiration for everyone.


Here, we have a little summary of what happened between them. We did not find any official statements from Srinu Vaitla about his Divorce. I hope we get more information about Srinu Vaitla and Roopa Vaitla’s Divorce.

Suppose all this information is worthy for you. So, please Stay Continued with united facts so that you guys can get all the data coming in the future.

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