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Stalker 2 Release Date: Complete Entertainment Details!

It has been decided that STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl will not be released on its scheduled date. It was confirmed on Wednesday by the game’s developer, GSC Game World, that the planned post-apocalyptic, nuclear-survival video game will not be available on its originally scheduled release date of April 28. Instead, the game will be available on December 8.

In addition, GSC issued a lengthy statement to provide fans with an explanation regarding why the company believes that postponing the release of STALKER 2 is the best move. It will take an additional seven months of development time for us to realize our vision and get the game to the point where we want it to be.

Because it is the most ambitious project in GSC’s history, STALKER 2 necessitates meticulous quality assurance testing and polishing. In particular, with regard to this undertaking, we are of the opinion that the development phase should take as much time as is required.

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STALKER 2 was initially planned to be released in 2012, however, the project was ultimately scrapped. After that, in 2018, the game was advertised once again with a release date of 2022. This date represents a gap of 15 years after the initial release of the game.

Xbox Game Pass users will be able to play STALKER 2 in 2022. After making the announcement that there would be STALKER 2 NFT auctions for players to compete in so that they may appear as in-game NPCs, the developer of the game did come into some controversy not too long ago. Following the announcement of the plans and just two days later, GSC Game World canceled all NFT-related plans as a direct result of backlash from fans.

Stalker 2 Release Date

According to GSC Game World, the development team for the game will have plenty of new information and updates on the game over the course of the next year, so STALKER fans shouldn’t go utterly hungry as they wait for the sequel to be released in seven months.

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