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Stevanna Jackson Her Early Life, Education & More Details!

Savanna Jackson was born to a well-known family in the United States. According to reports, she is the long-lost hidden child of multi-platinum recording artist and actress Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson’s older brother Randy Jackson and his wife Eliza Shaffy raised her as their own.

The well-known members of her family are well-known, but nothing is known about the family’s famous daughter.

Her Early Life and Education

Los Angeles-born Zoey 101 cast member was born on June 17, 1990. While her mother is a well-known actress, her father is a well-known Jacksons singer.

Even as she pursued her further education, Stevanna could count on the support of her parents and other family members. In her graduation picture, there is no doubt about the support she receives from her family and friends at Harvard.

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Is She Janet Jackson’s Secret Child?

Stevanna’s father’s sister, Janet Jackson, is rumoured to have fathered a hidden kid with Stevanna. Janet’s youthful marriage to Rene Elizondo Jr. produced her, according to rumors.

There were suspicions that the 50-year-old singer was having an affair after the news of her pregnancy got out. Wissam Al Mana, a Qatari businessman, is her third husband, and like with the first two, the wedding was kept under wraps.

People began to speculate about Stevanna when she announced her pregnancy with Mana. Janet’s marriage broke down after a period of secrecy, which led to the assumption that she had given her sister Rebbie custody of a kid.

Randy’s maltreatment of Eliza and Stevanna, who was 14 months old at the time, may have also stoked these rumors. Janet and her husband took in Stevanna for a short period.

How much Net Worth Does She Have?

Acting is how Zoey 101’s star earns a living. Her wealth is a closely guarded secret. The Jackson family appears to be doing well based on information received from her father and his siblings.

Stevanna’s father, a singer, composer, and producer, has a fortune in the $50 million range. On the other hand, her late uncle Michael’s estate was estimated to be worth over $800 million after his death in 2009 while Janet’s net worth is estimated to be $190 million.

The complete profile of Stevanna Jackson 

Other Fascinating Details You Never Knew About Stevanna Jackson

1. She is a Film And Television Actress

Her career as an actress diverged from those of her famous relatives. So far, she’s appeared in a slew of films. Surfers, a Disney Channel original movie from 1997, starred Stevanna in the lead role. It served as a springboard for the rest of her oeuvre.

So far she appeared in these movies:

In the 2005 Nickelodeon adolescent comedy-drama Zoey 101, Stevanna appeared as Tasha. In the Best Children’s Program category, the film was nominated.

Tracy Morgan’s Show (2003): She played Simone, Tracy Morgan’s oldest son’s love interest and a significant character in the TV show.

13 episodes of a part as herself were included in the comic family television series, Movie Surfers(1997).

This year, she portrayed Amy in The Wrong Child (2016’s).

Stevanna Jackson
Stevanna Jackson

2. Her father is a Well-known Singer, Songwriter, and Producer

It is the one thing that Stevenna and her parents have in common. Few details exist concerning her mother’s career as an actress.

She has a well-known father, who is a well-known performer and TV personality. Randy has been in the entertainment industry since he was a child. The youngest Jackson, has also done solo work as a musician.

American Idol judges and other artists have worked with him. With Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation Records label, Randy collaborated with his sister and Michael Jackson on the ‘Off the Wall’ album. He collaborated with her on the song “Made for Now” in 2018.

3. Her Parent’s Marriage did not Last Long 

A few years after their wedding in August 1989, Randy and Eliza Shaffy divorced. The problems her family was already facing were exacerbated by her father’s history of abuse.

Eliza Shaffy, the mother of Stevanna Shaffy, petitioned for divorce when the courts decided not to sentence Randy to prison.

4. Stevanna Jackson and her Siblings did not have a Good Relationship with their Father

She and her siblings’ strained relationship with their father is a little-known detail about them. Her father’s previous relationship with Alejandra Oaziaza gave her three siblings, Genevieve, Steven, and Donte, whom she grew up with.

Perhaps as a result of the trauma, they witnessed as children, they never developed a close relationship with him. Rumors abound that Stevanna and her father are no longer speaking.

As a result of their grandparents and many relatives being a part of their youth, they had a father figure in their lives.

5. Some of Stevanna’s family Members are Multi-award-winning Singers

Through the music they made, her older relatives had an impact on the world. Many accolades were bestowed upon them as a reward for their dedication.

Her uncle, Michael Jackson, was once referred to as the “King of Pop” for selling over 400 million records worldwide. Thirteen Grammy Awards and 39 Guinness World Records make him the most decorated musician in the world. The Grammy Legend Award is also Michael’s.

Janet Jackson’s music career has been a huge success. She is the first black woman to win the Billboard Icon Award, and she has won more than two Grammys.


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