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Stolen Car Suspect Who Fired at Deputies Shot Dead in Downtown Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WATE) – The suspect in the theft of a car was shot dead on Thursday in Chattanooga, according to Hamilton County Sheriff Austin Garrett, who was quoted by WTVC. The suspect led deputies on a pursuit and fired rounds at one of the deputies.

The suspect in the car theft who opened fire on deputies was shot and killed in the downtown area of Chattanooga. According to Garrett, the pursuit started about 5 a.m. on Thursday after the driver of a car that had been reported stolen in Georgia opened fire on a policeman who tried to pull them over.

A passenger films airport police in Nashville threatening to arrest Southwest customers; the traveler describes the recording as “very disturbing.” Later on, the deputies lost sight of the vehicle, but the pursuit was resumed as soon as another unit found it.

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According to Garrett, the pursuit came to an end in the downtown area of Chattanooga on Martin Luther King Boulevard, where the suspect opened fire on law enforcement officers. According to him, deputies opened fire, which ultimately resulted in the suspect’s death.

One of the deputies was struck, but they did not report any major injuries. The bond of the suspect in the shooting at Rural King has been revoked by the District Attorney’s Office. Although the identification of the suspect has not been made public, the sheriff has described him as a “dangerous person” who was “very bent on getting away and didn’t care who he endangered in the process.”

This information was provided to a WTVC crew. Investigation responsibilities will be handled by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. This is a narrative that is still unfolding. Install the WATE 6 News app on your mobile device to have breaking news alerts emailed directly to you.

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