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Stone Ocean Ending Explained: All Details!

The final episode of the anime series Stone Ocean has aired, and with it, the show has provided its audience with what is likely to be one of the most contentious conclusions ever presented in the medium of anime. As the struggle between Jolyne Cujoh and Pucci draws to a close in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the reality of the Joestars may never be the same again.

It goes without saying that the conclusion will probably leave some fans bewildered, and we at Comicbook.com are here to break down exactly what transpired as a direct consequence of the incredible rollercoaster that they just experienced.

Be warned that we will be delving into some serious spoiler territory for the most recent season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, so if you haven’t finished watching the last episodes of Stone Ocean on Netflix, you may want to avoid reading this article.

At the conclusion of Stone Ocean, Pucci emerges victorious. He achieves heaven with his Stand, Made in Heaven, and in doing so, he recreates the cosmos as we know it. In this new universe, every person who is born is granted the capacity to see how their lives would end, but Emporio, fortunately for the world, is able to live through it. Emporio’s unfortunate fate is that all of his pals, including Jolyne, Jotaro, Ermes, and Anastasi, have been put to death as a direct result of Pucci’s actions.

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Emporio has a stroke of good fortune in that he is able to acquire the abilities of Weather Report as a result of a mistake made by Pucci, which ultimately leads to the death of the evil priest as a consequence of the unusual resurrection.

After the evil from Stone Ocean has been eliminated, a new reality will emerge that Pucci had no part in shaping in any way. Because of these new modifications, Jolyne existed in a very different way, which rendered all the events that took place in Stone Ocean irrelevant while simultaneously providing “Irene Joestar” with a happy ending with her new partner, who was none other than a new version of Anansi in Annakiss.

Stone Ocean Ending Explained

As Emporio joins this updated version of Jolyne, they stumble across what seems to be another version of Weather Report, which is most likely going to provide Pucci’s brother with a fresh lease on life as well. The introduction of Steel Ball Run marks the beginning of a new universe for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

In this new realm, we meet new Joestars and villains who are similar to those we’ve seen in the series’ previous incarnations. The next chapter, JoJolion, similarly takes place in a familiar setting and features a familiar character; but, everything is drastically different from what we had become accustomed to knowing up to this point.

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