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Summer House Season 7 Release Date, Cast & More Details!

Summer House Season 6 wraps up on May 16th, but Bravo has yet to announce whether or not the show will return for a seventh season. Because of the show’s success, which has already resulted in a spin-off series called Winter House, fans can probably expect more episodes in the future.

Summer is just around the corner, and we’ll soon learn whether or not the cast members of Summer House Season 7 will be traveling to the Hamptons with Bravo cameras in tow.

What’s more encouraging? For the first time in two years, Summer House’s single-episode viewership peaked at 683,000 for the first portion of the reunion, which was a season-high for single-episode viewership. (At the time of the data collection, the reunion’s second part had not yet aired.) As a reference, Season 5’s most-watched episode had a cumulative audience of 616,000 people.

In the meanwhile, while you wait for an official announcement from Bravo, here’s everything you need to know about a possible Summer House Season 7!

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Summer House Season 7 Release Date

In the past, fresh seasons of Summer House have premiered on Bravo around the middle of January or the beginning of February. Season 6 will premiere on January 17th, 2022, with the network announcing the cast in December 2021. Summer House 2 should be released in early 2023 if production goes according to plan.

More information on Summer House Season 7 will be added when it becomes available.

Summer House Season 7 Cast

Once filming has finished, Bravo usually announces cast members, though the stars may give hints or make their announcements. It’s also possible that Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, and Ciara Miller could return, as well as Mya Allen and Luke Gulbranson, as well as Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke, as well as Danielle Olivera and Alex Wach. Austen Kroll and Craig Conover may return in Season 7 as special guests.

Summer House Season 7 Plot Predictions

The Season 6 reunion’s first episode highlighted lots of unresolved issues that have persisted since filming ended last year. Both Paige and Lindsay, and Ciara and Danielle are still at loggerheads. After Andy Cohen noticed Paige avoiding eye contact with OG cast member Lindsay, Paige confessed, “I’m just uncomfortable.

” “There seems to be a gulf between us. It’s difficult to get in with the group from the first season when you’re a newcomer. Meanwhile, Danielle has yet to forgive Ciara, who threw a wine glass at her this season, claiming that “since so much time has passed, I have grown so much hatred” for her co-star.

Plenty of positive relationship developments have occurred as well. When Paige and Craig declared their romance in September 2021 they already had plans for an engagement, but don’t expect to witness any on-camera proposal.

A “no” from Paige would be the most likely response, Craig said in an interview with Behind the Velvet Rope podcast on May 11. “I think if you guys ever saw that, the answer would be no from Paige.” He made it clear that he wouldn’t propose to her until they’d been dating for at least a year.

Summer House Season 7 Trailer



If there’s a fervor among fans and positive reviews from reviewers, the creators must decide to launch another season. How the main characters deal with their new personal relationships and duties will be fascinating to see.

Fans can’t wait to hear them perform a brand-new song for them to cover. According to social media conjecture, some good news is predicted to be announced shortly or early in 2023. You can catch up on the first two seasons on Netflix, and we’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Was the previous season of the show interesting to you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

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