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Sunrail Accident Safety: What You Need to Know

This examination of current data shows that the SunRail commuter rail system moves roughly 1800 people daily along its 32-mile track. Need another eye-catching number? Sunrail has been in operation for 15 months, and during that time, 10 incidents have involved the train. That translates to one Sunrail accident per 47 operational days.

The headlines, such as “Driver trying to ‘beat the train’ caused SunRail disaster, authorities say,” only partially convey the story. “In Longwood, a Sunrail train struck a trailer.” “An automobile is struck by a Sunrail train in Maitland.”

In order to raise awareness of the risks at railroad crossings, the Florida Department of Transportation created this disturbing video since being stranded on the railroad tracks has become so common in Central Florida. On rare occasions, an accident is the fault of the railroad.

Take the example of cross-arms that aren’t working properly or are timed incorrectly, as described in this local investigative investigation. What can Central Floridians do, therefore, to prevent becoming yet another Sunrail statistic?

Exercise additional caution when crossing railroad tracks if you’re a pedestrian. Hang up your phone and take off your headphones so you can hear and see an approaching train. Even if they seem clear, railroad tracks should never be used for recreation.

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Take tiny children by the hand and stay away from the edge of the railway platform. If you take the train, make sure to always occupy your seat while it is moving. Follow the conductor’s directions to guarantee your safety and maintain a clear path for rescue personnel in the event of an accident.

Approach train tracks gently if you’re driving. Stop right away when the safety gates drop; don’t try to outrun the train! Cars becoming caught or stopping between the gates are the main cause of railway accidents. If you find that your car is on the route of an approaching train, get out right away and go as far away from the tracks as you can.

The majority of Sunrail train accidents can be prevented by using common sense safety precautions. Please call Jeff Badgley, a personal injury lawyer in Central Florida, at (866) 977-1544 if you or a loved one has been hurt in a train accident and you think the railroad may be to blame. The consultation is thoughtful, thorough, and free.

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