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Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins Still Together: Is It True or Is It Just a Rumor?

Susan Sarandon is a five-time Oscar nominee (she won for best actress in a lead role for “Dead Man Walking” in 1996) with 162 acting credits and an estimated net worth of $60 million, but her personal life hasn’t been without drama.

Sarandon has made headlines for celebrity feuds, including a supposed quarrel with Julia Roberts, and when it became evident that she despises Ellen DeGeneres. She’s also had a number of high-profile relationships and splits, most notably in 2009 when she and Tim Robbins divorced after 23 years and two children together, according to ABC News. While the two actors, who met on the set of 1988’s “Bull Durham,” remained silent about the cause for their split, Sarandon’s publicist dismissed claims that she left Robbins to date a younger guy.

Are Tim Robbin And Susan Sarandon Still Together?

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins Still Together

After being together for 23 years, Sarandon and Robbins decided to end their relationship in December 2009. Robbins has, for a significant amount of time, maintaining a personal life that is quite quiet; but, in October 2019, he shared with PEOPLE Now that he was completely supportive of his children pursuing jobs in the entertainment world.

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Who Exactly Is Susan Sarandon Married Too?

Chris Sarandon is a well-known actor in the United States. The roles of Jerry Dandrige in Fright Night, Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride, Detective Mike Norris in Child’s Play, and Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas are the ones that have brought him the most fame.

Did Tim Robbins And Susan Sarandon Ever Get Married?

Despite the fact that they were never married, the couple was together for a little over two decades before they split up in 2009. Together, they have two adult sons: Miles, who is 28 years old, and John “Jack” Henry, who is 31 years old. Eva Amurri Martino is Sarandon’s daughter from a previous relationship, during which she was married to the film director Franco Amurri. Tim Robbins often refers to Eva as his daughter.

What Part Of The World Does Susan Sarandon Call Home?

Her father’s side of the family had roots in England, Ireland, and Wales. His Welsh ancestors were from Bridgend, and his English ancestors were from Hackney, which is located in London. She has Italian ancestry through her mother’s side, specifically from the regions of Tuscany and Sicily, and she is of Italian descent. Her father was a television producer in New York City for WOR-TV.

Did Susan Sarandon Perform Any Songs In The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

On the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, Sarandon can be heard performing four different songs, one of which is Janet’s signature tune, “Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch Me.” In addition, she provided vocals for the songs “Dammit Janet,” “Over at the Frankenstein Place,” and “Super Heroes.”

How Does Susan Sarandon Keep Her Body In Such Great Shape?

In order to keep her from getting bored, her personal trainer keeps things interesting. As an alternative to simply using machines, we play catch with a big ball or use exercise balls to get our cardio in. In addition, when she has the time, Sarandon engages in Pilates, and despite her best efforts, she has attempted yoga. She laughed and said, “I must have a type-A personality.”

Where Does Susan Sarandon Stand These Days In Terms Of Her Career?

In a recent interview with People, Sarandon stated that she “would like to have a travel companion, male or female – age doesn’t matter.” Ride the Eagle is Sarandon’s most recent film and is currently playing in theatres. The performer is only concerned with one thing in a potential spouse, and that is an adventurous spirit. Gender is irrelevant to her in this regard.

Why Did Susan Sarandon And Sarandon divorce?

She claims that after seven years of marriage, they came to the conclusion that “we chose to jointly move on.” She went on to say, “The first time around, I had no intention of getting married.” From 1967 through 1979, the Sarandon’s were a married couple. Her birth name is Tomalin, but she has used the name “Sarandon” since she divorced her husband; the couple did not have any children together.

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