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Suspect Takes Law Enforcement on a Crazy Pursuit from O.C. To Whittier

Today, a suspect led police on a high-speed chase involving several vehicles, during which he repeatedly rammed a Fullerton police cruiser that was being utilized to try to pin the guy down. The suspect allegedly eluded a traffic stop attempt that was made at Auto Center Drive and the Santa Ana (5) Freeway at 4:40 p.m., according to Fullerton police.

The guy was driving a dark-colored sedan when he suddenly stopped, got out, and attempted to break into a parked pickup truck near Anaheim. He attempted to break into the car but was unsuccessful, so he got back into the sedan, parked it, and ran into what appeared to be a townhouse complex.

The guy then entered a white van that was already parked, but a Fullerton police officer blocked it in with his cruiser by parking it exactly behind it. Unfazed, the guy rammed the cruiser numerous times until he was able to elude the police car and quickly drive away.

When the suspect eventually arrived in Whittier, the van had damaged one of its rear tires. The suspect persisted in his attempts to flee, spinning the stripped rear wheel, which eventually caused sparks to fly and started a fire underneath the vehicle.

“Game-Changer”: 0% Interest Until 2024 for Americans with Debt. The guy fled from the car while police were positioned behind it by crawling out of the passenger side. He ran into a residential area, where he entered a residence and engaged the homeowners in a fight.

After the altercation overflowed onto the front driveway, the suspect leaped into a waiting white pickup and started driving away, almost running down some of the housemates. During the pursuit, the suspect collided with numerous automobiles while driving on the wrong side of several roadways, giving the impression that he was trying to elude capture. Late Wednesday afternoon, the chase was still going on in the Whittier area.

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