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Taylour Paige Jesse Williams Break Up: Is It True or It Just a Rumor?

Aryn Drake-Lee, a real estate dealer, and Jesse Williams had been married for a considerable amount of time before Grey’s Anatomy brought him fame. They first met in 2010, announced their engagement in 2011, and went on to wed in 2012. Their marriage lasted for five years. Minka Kelly and Williams started dating after Williams met her in the video game Detroit: Become Human. Williams had never been married before meeting Kelly.

In the past, the artist was romantically involved with Taylor Rooks, who is currently an anchor for SportsNet New York. But after that relationship did not result in any children, Williams was pictured with a rising actress who he has been dating for almost three years. The partnership has not produced any children. In the following sections, you’ll find out more information on the relationship between Jesse Williams and Taylour Paige.

Taylor Paige Is Jesse Williams’ Girlfriend Currently

The dating rumors around Jesse Willaims and Taylour Paige first surfaced in the month of January. Particularly the time they spent together at the Sundance Film Festival, which was open to the public and could be seen by anybody.

However, Jesse’s show Grey’s Anatomy was where they first became acquainted with one another. Paige made her debut on television in the episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Falling Slowly,” which was her first appearance on television. In later years, she began to assume more significant roles and made a reputation for herself in the process.

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The dating rumors around Jesse Williams and Taylour Paige first surfaced in the month of January. Later in the month of May 2019, the couple’s relationship was confirmed when photographs were taken of them holding hands when they were in attendance at the Frieze art show in New York City.

Williams even went so far as to present Taylour to the audience as his girlfriend. During the same week, Williams and Paige made their first public appearance together by walking the red carpet at the Ozwald Boateng Harlem runway show held at the Apollo Theater in New York City.

Jesse Williams And Taylour Paige’s Relationship Coming To An End

Recent events revealed that Jesse Williams and Taylour Paige had ended their relationship in private. Over the course of more than a year, the two became inseparable and participated in a variety of activities together. It would appear that the most recent event that the two of them went to together was the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in February 2020. Throughout the duration of the pandemic, the couple was seen together carrying out errands and walking their dogs.

Taylour Paige Jesse Williams Break Up Is It True or It Just a Rumor

It would appear that Paige has moved on to other things at this point. In recent months, she has been spotted engaging in intimate behavior with the musician Kane Ritchotte. The month of June was Taylor’s introduction to the world of Instagram. During the celebration of his birthday in October, she held the cake as the candles were being lit. Paige and Williams have not addressed the issue of their breakup in any way.

Relationships Jesse Williams Has Had In The Past

After a marriage of five years, Jesse Williams initiated the divorce process in 2017 against his wife, Drake-Lee. Their breakup was not amicable, despite the fact that they had spent a significant amount of time together due to their professions as instructors and Williams’ rise to fame as an actor and beloved star of Grey’s Anatomy.

Their decision to end their relationship was fuelled by disagreements around custody and finances. In 2020, the divorce was finally finalized after a protracted legal battle during which allegations of adultery played a role.

After a marriage of five years, Jesse Williams initiated the divorce process with Drake-Lee. Aryn Drake-Lee was Jesse Williams’s ex-wife and they were married in the past. As part of the settlement of their divorce, the former spouses have agreed to share joint custody of their two children, both legally and physically. Every month, Williams is required to pay Drake-Lee child support in the amount of $40,000 and spousal support in the amount of roughly $100,000.

After they severed their relationship, Williams would be entitled to keep the money he had earned. Other cautionary statements were passed back and forth between the parties. The house is now considered to be in Drake-name. Lee’s In a recent interview, Drake-Lee mentioned that she had started to feel as though she was losing herself in the marriage, but she also hinted that there were other worries she had. In an interview with People Magazine, Drake-Lee revealed that her major worry is for the well-being of her two children.

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