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Ted Bundy Vs Jeffrey Dahmer: Which Serial Killer Is The Most Dangerous?

America suffered a lot of catastrophes and mass murders from the 1970s until the mid-1990s. The nation’s residents made known awful, cruel individuals like Charles Manson, the Zodiac Killer, Richard Ramirez, and John Wayne Gacy. Despite their differences, I discovered many similarities between Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer after watching in-depth documentaries on two of America’s most notorious murders.

Ted Bundy Vs. Jeffrey Dahmer

Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer kept and consumed different body parts from his victims. Between 1978 and 1991, he killed 17 young men and teenage boys. His subsequent murders frequently involved necrophilia.

Contrarily, Ted Bundy was a law student who committed more than 35 acts of rape and murder against women in the states of Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Utah, and Washington.

Ted Bundy’s childhood was confusing since he didn’t realize that he’s-called sister’ was his mother. For three years, Bundy resided with his grandparents, Samuel and Eleanor Cowell, in their house in Philadelphia. They reared him as their child to shield him from the social stigma associated with the fact that his true mother was born out of marriage at the time.

However, what appeared to be so ideal from the outside was the exact opposite. Samuel Bundy, who was Bundy’s grandfather, was aggressive and violent. On the other hand, family and friends said his grandmother Eleanor was shy and submissive. She had electroconvulsive therapy for depression on occasion.

Bundy began to exhibit troubling traits at a young age. Julia, his aunt, recalled waking up one day to find Bundy at her bedside, grinning, and discovering knives around her head. After some time had passed, Dahmer learned that his “sister” was his mother. She afterward wed a man named Johnny. They had four kids together. Ted was never close to his other siblings or parents during his adolescent years.

Ted Bundy Vs Jeffrey Dahmer
Ted Bundy Vs Jeffrey Dahmer

He frequently searched through people’s trash cans for pictures, mags, etc. of naked women. He is also intensely interested in reading criminal, gory, and murder-related books and articles. He was really reserved and never really established a social life while in high school.

Bundy majored in psychology at the University of Washington as he grew older. He was highly recognized by his lecturers and was an honors student. But once his first love turned him down, something inside him erupted. He began murdering women in the neighborhood and at school at night. Later, for law school, he relocated to Utah. There, too, he continued to kill.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s upbringing was also atypical in specific ways. His parents were very busy when he was a kid. His mother experienced acute anxiety, while his father was a chemistry major at Marquette University. Joyce, the mother of Dahmer, once overdosed on prescription medication in an attempt to end her life.

In addition to all of this, Dahmer demonstrated a fascination with dead animals at a young age. His passion for science led to the beginning of his animal cruelty at an early age. He discovered dead rodents underneath his house and learned how to remove the meat and connective tissue using bleach.

He learned this from his research scientist father, Lionel. Despite having learned these strategies early, he could still utilize them effectively on his victims.

He gave his teacher a tadpole in elementary school, and she gave it to another pupil. He filled the tank with gasoline and lit it ablaze in a rage. As a teenager, he carried on with these deeds when he used a stick to impale a dog’s head in the woodland behind his home.

Ted Bundy Vs Jeffrey Dahmer
Ted Bundy Vs Jeffrey Dahmer

Beginning of The Life Of Notorious Criminals

Sadly, these activities were the first in a series of careless actions. Some speculate that Dahmer’s interest in dead animals may have started when he witnessed his father digging out animal bones from the foundation of his house. According to Dahmer’s father, Jeffrey was “oddly pleased” by the sound bones produced. Early on, it is evident that he displayed extraordinary attention. Jeffrey was initially considered an outcast in high school.

Peers recall that Dahmer brought alcohol to school and used it there. He, too, experienced a lot of confusion during this period of his life. Dahmer comes to terms with his homos*xuality. Despite this, his classmates referred to him as the class clown because of the various tricks he was known for pulling.

Even though Jeffrey was famous in high school, his parents were divorcing. After several fruitless counseling sessions, Jeffrey’s father, Lionel, left the house. After graduating, Jeffrey Dahmer was left alone in the family home when Jeffrey’s mother, Joyce, departed the house with custody of her younger son. His twisted thoughts became a reality. As a result, he was giving him the chance to realize his most irrational wishes finally. A male hitchhiker was his first victim, and things only worsened there.

Is It A Mental Disorder?

To compare the two horrifying murders, it might be said that each had a parent with a mental illness. Dahmer’s mother had extreme anxiety, and Bundy’s mother suffered from severe depression. They were both cold-blooded serial murderers.

They also experienced formative youths. When Ted was an adult, he discovered that the man who had been his abusive “father” was his grandfather. After witnessing his father remove bones, Jeffrey’s experience stayed with him forever and eventually materialized into something worse.

But to be more specific, Dahmer and Bundy were murdered to satiate their sexual needs. According to Dahmer, he enjoyed the sense of having the upper hand during sexual actions and wished to somehow “own” his lovers. Similarly, Bundy admitted that he enjoyed murdering and dismembering women to stoke his libido.

It was clear that both men were psychopaths. To the typical person, they appeared to be more than usual, but in reality, they were manipulating others and doing atrocious crimes. Additionally, I would assert that neither Dahmer nor Bundy truly understood love. Dahmer and Bundy did not receive much delicate loving care as children.

These men’s differences are sharply divided into a few areas. Ted and Jeffrey targeted certain “types” differently. Bundy’s victims all shared a striking resemblance in look. He likes young people with blonde hair that is parted down the center. People assume this is the case because the woman who crushed his heart had traits in common.

The majority of Dahmer’s victims, on the other hand, were gay young men. This would be clear given that he expressed attraction for males and desired to have sex with them.

It may be argued that these two people were destined to commit murder. Some would claim that the beginning of it all was due to their childhood experiences. Some would even claim that it combines elements of both. It comes down to nature vs. nurture.

I believe it was a result of both nature and nurture. I make this claim based on my extensive research and viewing of in-depth films on the two guys, who both showed and tested positive for mental problems despite having had adverse and traumatic childhoods. Since both of their mothers also suffered from mental issues, the evidence that they did as well would make sense.

Ted Bundy Vs Jeffrey Dahmer
Ted Bundy Vs Jeffrey Dahmer

Who Is More Dangerous?

As this examination of the lives of serial killers Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer comes to a close, it is worth noting that both Dahmer and Bundy are now dead, bringing an end to 20 years of suffering inflicted upon the United States by those two monsters.

Bundy was condemned to the capital penalty after being found guilty of kidnapping, attempted murder, attempted rape, murder, rape, and sexual assault. He was put to death via electrocution in 1989. Dahmer received the same sentences. His life in prison was cut tragically short by another convict in 1994, despite his life sentence of life in prison.

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