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Temporarily Closing Indiana Schools to Stop the Spread of the Flu and RSV

In order to stop the spread of the flu and RSV, a school in Indiana made the decision to temporarily close. 13 pupils at Community Montessori in New Albany, which is on the border of Indiana and Kentucky, are absent due to the flu, according to director Barbara Burke-Fonden, who spoke to the neighborhood ABC affiliate WHAS 11.

Additionally, up to 40% of pupils in each class are absent due to the flu, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), or COVID-19. Burke-Fondren remarked, “In my 25 years as the head of this institution, I’ve never seen anything like this.

Burke-Fondren reported that on Thursday and Friday, in-person classes were postponed in order to stop the spread of these very contagious respiratory infections. The FBI issues a ‘wide’ synagogue danger alert for New Jersey.

Students from kindergarten through grade 12 will engage in remote learning while the building is being sanitized and cleaned. Burke-Fondren told WHAS 11, “What’s astonishing to me is that it’s happening this soon.” “That’s the aspect that worries me. How can our neighborhood strive to slow this down right now?”

RSV infections typically peak in the late fall or early January, according to experts, but the flu season is beginning much earlier than usual. Clinical laboratories have reported more than 9,100 positive flu tests over the first three weeks of flu season, according to a recent ABC News analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is the most tests reported this early in a season since 2009–10, the year of the swine flu outbreak.

Additionally, according to CDC data, RSV cases increased from 5,845 for the week ending October 1 to 7,679 for the week ending October 29. Children have died from the pediatric flu in at least three states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas; children have also died from RSV in Michigan and Virginia.

RSV causes between 100 and 500 pediatric deaths annually, and flu seasons have resulted in between 37 and 188 pediatric fatalities, according to the CDC. Since the majority of the pandemic restrictions, such as masking, social isolation, and lockdowns, have been relaxed, public health experts claim that youngsters are now being exposed to viruses.

The parent of a Community Montessori kid, Jessie Flint, told WHAS 11 that he believes the choice to close the school was the right one. We kind of worked out how to do virtual learning throughout the pandemic and the shutdowns, so we can do it, he said. “I think it was a tough decision to have to make, but I think it’s the correct decision.” And I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t attempt to reduce the spread.

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