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‘Terrifier 2’: Release Date, Trailer, Where to Watch, and Everything We Know So Far

In Terrifier from 2016, audiences first met the aimless mass-murdering mime Art the Clown. Art, arguably the worst clown in horror history (sorry Pennywise), terrorizes and dismembers partygoers on Halloween night without saying a word.

The second chapter of what may turn out to be an even bigger, gorier, and more horrific story than originally anticipated has been put together by the film’s director Damien Leone, his team, and his devoted fans, six years after the first.

Writer/director Damien Leone was under pressure to sell the rights to his Art the Clown character after the first Terrifier movie’s release and to scale back his more ambitious script for Terrifier 2. It was possible for Leone to stay true to his vision by not accepting the terms of larger studios, seeking funding from private investors, and starting an Indiegogo campaign where fans contributed to the production of the second movie. Leone’s vision goes beyond a sequel, stating that he has enough material for a Terrifier 3, and possibly a Terrifier 4.

In fact, within the first week, the supporters raised almost three times the target amount, bringing the total raised by the end of the campaign to over $250,000. Leone and the Terrifier 2 team have aimed to create something novel with the help of this money and the support of the audience. Terrifier 2 will be the first step toward his fans’ worst nightmares because the new protagonist of the Terrifier story is destined to be the leader of a potential future Terrifier movie series.

Terrifier 2 Trailer

The reanimated killer clown is seen stalking a young woman and her younger brother in the days before Halloween in the official Terrifier 2 teaser, which was published on August 24, 2022. The production is rumored to be bigger and bloodier.

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Art can be seen dancing, laughing maniacally, and chasing the main character while covered in blood. He is clothed in his distinctive black and white attire, complete with a little cap and full of decaying teeth. What blood? The only way to know for sure is to watch.

YouTube video

However, this wasn’t the first glimpse that fans had of the follow-up; in July 2020, right before production was put on hold, Leone posted a teaser trailer to his own YouTube channel. Early sequel stills, a look at the Terrifier comic book release, and the popular time-lapse of Art the Clown’s whole prosthetic and makeup metamorphosis can all be found on the directors’ own YouTube channel.

When Will Terrifier 2 Be Released?

Leone and the Terrifier team have revealed an official release date after years of corresponding with studios, soliciting money, and having production briefly suspended in 2020. On October 6, 2022, Terrifier 2 will be released on film after having its world premiere at FrightFest in late August, just in time for Halloween.

‘Terrifier 2’ Release Date, Trailer, Where to Watch, and Everything We Know So Far

Where Can I Find Terrifier 2 Online?

For a little period, Terrifier 2 will be seen in theatres before being made only on the Screambox streaming service. Brad Miska, managing director of Screambox and Bloody Disgusting media brands, recently expressed his delight for the slasher finding its home on the platform and claimed that fans are unprepared for what is to come.

What’s The Story In Terrifier 2?

In Terrifier 2, a year has passed since Art the Clown’s Halloween murderous rampage, and as the holiday approaches once more, the reanimated killer stalks his new victims. When Jonathan says he wants to dress up as the evil clown, Sienna and her younger brother Jonathan talk to their mother about their Halloween plans and costumes.

The very clown who subsequently shows up bloodied at their home, sneaking up behind Sienna in a costume shop, or on the stage of a children’s play. A stress-free night of partying is what Sienna and her friends are planning, but when Sienna receives a call from Jonathan, she realizes that something is off. Will Sienna be able to save her little brother, or will she turn out to be the stereotypical, sad heroine?

Although some may argue that this made the movie even more horrifying, as Gabe in The Office US, famously said that in horror films, even though the story is soothing, Leone attracted criticism for his debut film’s absence of a narrative in Terrifier.

In either case, the sequel’s screenplay was intended to focus on the characters. As a result, the teenage protagonist, Sienna Shaw, who was created early in Leone’s career for a film that was ultimately canceled, will play a significant role in this new story. Now, in what may be the first of many upcoming Terrifier ventures, the main character, dressed as the angel, receives her leading role.

Will Any Of The Actors From The First Movie Return?

Samantha Scaffidi returns to the screen as Victoria Heyes, the character who nearly escaped Art the Clown in the first movie, though it could be difficult to tell her apart from her new gory prosthetics. Vicky, the last female in the first movie, just escaped Art, who devoured her face as she lay motionless on the ground. Vicky’s revised appearance demonstrates the harm the clown was able to cause before his supposed demise.

In addition, Michael Leavy, the decapitated exterminator from the first Terrifier, who plays the Club Announcer in the follow-up, as well as the two police officers who responded to the incident will make cameo appearances.

Who Plays What Roles In Terrifier 2?

As Art the Clown, David Howard Thornton will return. Thornton, who is best known for his lineless performance, is also a voice actor. In Nightwing: Escalation, he played The Joker, another mad clown. Lauren LaVera, known for playing Ciara in the 2017 Netflix Marvel series Iron Fist, will play the protagonist Sienna Shaw. Elliot Fullman, an upcoming actor who debuted in the television series Instinct in 2018, will play the killer-obsessed Jonathan. Fullman has recently started providing his voice for the kids’ show Get Rolling with Otis.

Where Can I View The First Terrifying Movie?

You may watch the first Terrifier movie with Screambox on Prime Video. After a 30-day free trial, Prime Video costs $8.99 per month, and the Screambox add-on adds another $4.99 per month. The gory 2016 slasher film is also available for $2.99 on YouTube or Google Play, or for $5.99 on Apple TV.

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