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Texas Mega Millions Results for July 26, 2022 – Texas Lottery and Jackpot

Mega Millions will be held in Texas on July 26, 2022. It is a lottery run by MUSL, which stands for Multi-State Lottery Association. The draw for today, July 26, 2022, has been made public. This multi-state lottery is held every Tuesday and Friday at 10:00 PM CT. Make sure you buy your tickets 15 minutes before the drawing time, or else they will only be good for the next drawing.

Keep coming back to gaotteryresult.com for any information you need about the Texas lottery, including Texas Lottery results and winning numbers. Each Texas Mega Millions lottery ticket costs $2. You can add the Megaplier option for an extra $1 to increase the non-jackpot prize by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. You can look up the numbers that won the Texas Mega Millions lottery for today, July 26, 2022.

Jackpot Prize Of Texas Mega Millions July 26 2022: ($830 Million).

Congratulation to Texas Mega Millions July 26 2022 winner

For the fastest Texas, Texas Mega Millions July 26, 2022 results, check back with us often. This is a summary of what happened and what the winning numbers are for today, July 26, 2022.

Drawing DateLottery NameWinning NumbersMegaballMegaplierEST. Jackpot
Tuesday, July 26 2022Texas Mega Millions29-63-66-7-60153x$830 Million

Next Texas Mega Millions live Draw Date;

July 29 2022 Friday exactly at 10:00 PM CT.

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Texas (TX) Mega Millions Past 30 days winning numbers:

You can also see the numbers that won the Texas Mega Millions lottery on July 26, 2022, and on days, weeks, months, and years before July 26, 2022.

Texas Lotto Mega Millions (1)
Drawing DateLottery NameWinning NumbersMegaballMegaplierEST. Jackpot
July 22 2022Texas Mega Millions60-66-14-40-64163x$660 Million
July 19 2022Texas Mega Millions37-32-31-2-70253x$530 Million
July 15 2022Texas Mega Millions8-20-26-53-64155$480 Million
July 12 2022Texas Mega Millions45-7-4-10-64122x$440 Million
July 08 2022Texas Mega Millions20-62-69-61-36203x$410 Million
July 05 2022Texas Mega Millions50-61-51-31-27214x$370 Million
July 01 2022Texas Mega Millions62-29-27-38-112x3$360 Million
June 28 2022Texas Mega Millions21-55-7-43-12112x$328 Million
June 21 2022Texas Mega Millions13-42-18-8-32203x$290 Million
June 17 2022Texas Mega Millions36-69-56-53-20162x$273 Million
June 14 2022Texas Mega Millions37-42-30-58-38222x$247 Million
June 10 2022Texas Mega Millions3-32-18-14-1245x$226 Million
June 07 2022Texas Mega Millions4-34-40-41-53-334x$207 Million
June 03 2022Texas Mega Millions11-16-22-48-59114x$189 Million
May 31 2022Texas Mega Millions15-63-64-6-41244x$171 Million
May 27 2022Texas Mega Millions3-14-40-53-5483$157 Million
May 24 2022Texas Mega Millions3-5-63-6-68253x$143 Million
May 20 2022Texas Mega Millions40-33-60-69-59223x$131 Million
May 17 2022Texas Mega Millions41-24-21-7-65244x$112 Million
May 13 2022Texas Mega Millions11-44-65-43-41133x$99 Million
May 10 2022Texas Mega Millions15-19-70-61-2063x$86 Million
May 06 2022Texas Mega Millions16-21-33-52-70102x$70 Million
May 03 2022Texas Mega Millions57-27-35-19-15172x$57 Million
April 29 2022Texas Mega Millions49-34-66-9-1115x2$43 Million
April 26 2022Texas Mega Millions19-5-69-46-72x4$31 Million
April 22 2022Texas Mega Millions28-29-7-59-5819x3$22 Million
April 19 2022Texas Mega Millions47-53-9-2-3324x3$20 Million
April 15 2022Texas Mega Millions46-17-64-20-423x4$20 Million
April 12 2022Texas Mega Millions8-2-2-0-31-14172$106 Million
April 08 2022Texas Mega Millions40-32-29-8-112x3$94 million
April 05 2022Texas Mega Millions43-63-60-22-6318x2$81 Million
April 01 2022Texas Mega Millions63-26-47-48-4221x5$70 Million

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How to play Texas Mega Millions July 26 2022

Following are the instructions to claim the Texas Mega Millions July 26, 2022, Jackpot Prize:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old to play Mega Millions TX or Other Texas lottery games.
  • You have to claim the Mega Millions TX winning prize within 180 days to avoid any kind of ambiguity.
  • And remember once the Texas Lottery ticket has been printed or purchased, it cannot be returned or cancelled.
  • Payments of up to $25000 can also be claimed at Lottery Headquarters or any lottery Regional Office by yourself.
  • The Texas lottery Corp is not responsible for any kind of damage or loss of Mega Millions TX done by the US Postal Service or any other courier services.

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