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The 2022 White House Holiday Theme and Decorations Are Unveiled by First Lady Jill Biden

The White House holiday decorations for this year were displayed on Monday, with the theme “We the People,” according to first lady Jill Biden. Over 150 volunteers from across the nation worked for a week to adorn the White House’s interior and outside with 25 wreaths, 77 Christmas trees, and more than 83,615-holiday lights.

According to the first lady’s office, there is also a gingerbread White House that was produced using 20 sheets of sugar cookie dough, 30 sheets of gingerbread dough, 100 pounds of, 30 pounds of chocolate, and 40 pounds of royal icing.

Biden gave a Christmas message of togetherness and hope while officially unveiling the festive theme and holiday decorations. He also thanked the volunteers who helped decorate the White House for the season. “I’ve visited both large cities and rural counties in almost 40 different states during the past two years.

The Americans I’ve met have repeatedly shown me our country’s soul “In prepared remarks for the occasion at the White House in Washington, D.C., the first lady stated on Monday. “Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve seen it: Our country is stronger when we work together.

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The things that bring us together pale in comparison to what we have in common. “We the People” are and have always been the heart of our country. And that’s where the idea for this year’s White House Christmas decorations came from.”

According to Biden, every room in the White House was adorned to “reflect what unites us throughout the holidays and throughout the year.” The families who continue their legacy as well as those who gave their lives in service to our nation are remembered and honored by the Gold Star trees, she said.

“In the Library, we appreciate how the shared stories deepen our understanding of one another, our past, and the world. In the Vermeil Room, we celebrate how even the tiniest actions of gratitude and generosity can have a big impact. We recall laughter-filled dinner tables and passed-down family customs in the China Room.”

She said, “In the East Room, we highlight the national treasures that are each and every one of ours, our National Parks, and the communion we discover in nature. “Bells of various kinds remind us of the curative and emancipatory power of music in the Green Room.

In the Red Room, we are aware that faith may guide us through both happy and sad moments. In the State Dining Room, we celebrate the promise of the future and observe the holidays from the perspective of kids. In the Blue Room, the 18-foot Christmas Tree is transformed into a spectacular symbol of unification by the official birds of all 57 states and territories, as well as the District of Columbia.”

 Jill Biden, the first lady, unveiled the White House holiday decorations for 2021. Members and leadership of the National Guard from more than 30 U.S. states and territories joined Biden as part of her White House effort, Joining Forces, to support and promote the sacrifices and needs of military families.

According to her office, the first lady, who has a degree in education, was due to participate in a roundtable discussion on education for children with military ties with National Guard families and state adjutant generals later on Monday.

“They symbolize the heart of our communities,” added Biden. “Men and women who choose to serve even while pursuing other occupations, who answer the call of duty in our hometowns as swiftly as tragedies strike and needs arise.” Despite the fact that our country depends on their bravery, our Guardsmen and women, as well as their families, frequently go unnoticed, particularly when it comes to their offspring.

“I wanted to warmly welcome National Guard families to assist us to usher in this holiday season as my honored guests because I am a fellow National Guard mom and grandma. We the People are embodied in your service “Added she.

The first lady’s office estimates that the White House will receive 50,000 visitors throughout the holiday period. Biden remarked, “You will see your own reflection throughout these corridors, from the gleaming bells to the mirrored ornaments in the Grand Foyer behind me — a reminder and a call to see yourself in this house. And we’re happy to see Americans returning home.

The Christmas theme from the previous year was “Gifts from the Heart,” which was meant to pay tribute to people who overcame challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the first lady’s office, more than 100 volunteers adorned the White House with about 25 wreaths, 41 Christmas trees, 300 candles, 6,000 feet of ribbon, 10,000 ornaments, and almost 80,000-holiday lights.

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