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The Concert For The Rhythmic Arts Project Celebrates 25 Years

The Concert For The Rhythmic Arts Project Celebrates 25 Years: TAP’s Farewell Big Stage Show at the LOBERO Non-Profit Celebrating 25 Years of Service Features a Goldmine of Celebrity Guests

In announcing its annual gala, The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) highlighted the concert’s significance as a celebration of TRAP’s 25th anniversary. Eddie Tuduri, the creator of TRAP, declared that this would be his last major event at the Lobero, capping 25 years of this vital non-profit and the musicians that made spectacular shows possible to support it. This is the final major event.

Perhaps more intimate get-togethers are still possible. He smiled and continued, “I’ll still want to get together and jam with my mates.” At the TRAP Benefits, the evident affection amongst the artists creates an exciting atmosphere that spreads to the crowd.

This performance will never be repeated in exactly this form, so don’t miss out! For 25 years, TRAP programs have been making a difference in people’s lives all around the world, as Tuduri put it. Get ready to rock at the Lobero Theatre on September 24. At 7:30, the doors will open.

Musicians that have been on thousands of albums and CDs that we’ve all enjoyed will be performing onstage, and they’ll play covers and originals spanning Rock and Roll, R&B, and Gospel. On stage is a plethora of talented musicians, with vocalists’ monitors and a drum set filling the area.

All of these musicians are personal friends of Tuduri’s, and they have shown their support for TRAP and people with developmental disabilities several times. All of our pupils, no matter their age, are exposed to reading, writing, arithmetic, social skills, and creative thinking. “The TRAP benefit extends deep into the brain to create a coherent sensation of oneness — to be a part of something exceptional, not apart because of differences,” stated Tuduri. Equalizing as it does, TRAP is a powerful tool.

The featured band will play a variety of genres, including R&B, Rock, and Gospel. Pockets are made up of musicians and singers who have been on the recordings of many other artists throughout the years as session musicians and session singers.

Singer/lead guitarist Carl Graves, keyboardist Jimmy Claire, guitarist Derol Caraco, bassist Steve Nelson, trumpeter Bill Bodine, horn players Salinas, Mackey, and Hunter, and drummers Luis Conte, Rick Geragi, and Chris Trujillo make up the “Pockets” band.

Three special guests played drums: Tony Braunagel, Willie Ornelas, and Eddie Tuduri. Leslie Lembo and Shawn Thies (vocals), Teresa James, Terry Wilson, Tony Braunagel (The Rhythm Tramps), Kenny Lewis, and Diane Steinberg Lewis (Steve Miller Band). And of course, Ben, Dion, Karen, Ryan, and Zayde, our TRAP students.

To begin the intermission, auctioneer Jim Fiolek will do a live auction for the first ten minutes. Three autographed guitars will be available to increase TRAP’s fundraising potential. The auction will be run by seasoned professional Fiolek. We are auctioning off three guitars, one autographed by the whole Zack Brown Band, another signed by Ace Freely of Kiss, and a third signed by Jack Casady on ukulele.

Chris Pinnick spent five years in the 1980s with the band Chicago, and we have an autographed Gold record that they gave him at that time. Pinnick, the band’s guitarist, has participated in practically every benefit since the band’s inception, but he is unable to perform this time.

We’ll miss the lovable grouch,” Eddie replied with a knowing nod. For 25 years, Pockets has been performing with and supporting The Rhythmic Arts Project. A delighted Tuduri gushed, “Talk about a terrific set of musicians.”

The Music Academy of the West’s SING! children’s choir will be participating in the celebrations this year. As the show opens, a complete band and a number of professional vocalists will perform “Let the Children Live Another Day,” a gospel hymn that Tuduri co-wrote with Kenny and Diane Lewis many years ago. Now we’re talking about some A-listers.

Tickets to the benefit vary from $25 for students to $56 for General Admission, with VIP tickets including preferred seats and a VIP reception for $81.

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