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The Divorce Is FINAL…They Back!’: Tyrese and Ex-Girlfriend: It Looks Like Tyrese And His Ex-girlfriend Zelie Timothy Are Back Together

The Divorce Is FINAL…They Back!’: Tyrese and Ex-Girlfriend: It seems that Tyrese and his ex-girlfriend Zelie Timothy are back together. The musician and the social media influencer started dating back in March of this year, but they recently broke up in front of the whole world.

After the couple publicly criticized one another, many people gave up hope that they could ever get back together. Tyrese was married for four years to Samantha Lee, but he has been posting photos of his daughter Zelie on social media just days after his divorce was finalized in Atlanta.

Zelie is seen posing seductively in a cabana while wearing a skin-tight, knitted bathing suit in a viral post from 2016. It’s clear I couldn’t deny the love I feel for you if I tried,” Tyrese said in the video’s caption. Wishing you a wonderful Labor Day, my sweet. You’ve got the complete vibe. The love that will never end.

His second update was a video of him and Zelie kissing and hugging on the sand. That sweetest touch was always yours,” it read in the caption. I simply cannot disagree. In appreciation, yours truly Zelie also shared the posts with her fans, showing that they are once again a unified front.

Some were relieved that love had won out, while others had lost interest in the ongoing tale of Tyrese and Zelie.

“Tyrese, please stay off the internet the next time you get angry,” one user said. Someone else mentioned how the “Sweet Lady” singer treats her social media accounts like diaries. In other words, there’s nothing terrible about fixing relationships. But the worst part is that you posted about it on social media. “LMAO,” the comment read. Someone else said, “Jodi, you’re all over the place.”

Some speculated that the fact that the TGT member’s divorce was finally finished made reconciliation a possibility. “I think he was just trying to get the court case and the BM drama over with! They had to get that low, after all! said one observer. One other explanation for the end of his marriage said, “The divorce is FINAL… They’re back!

The Divorce Is FINAL ... They Back!' Tyrese and Ex-Girlfriend
The Divorce Is FINAL … They Back!’ Tyrese and Ex-Girlfriend

Finally, there were other comments from people who were simply pleased to see Tyrese and Zelie happy. “Yesssssss I’m so pleased to see y’all back together!” I mean, if it’s real love, I can’t be mad at that. “No one is perfect,” stated one of the comments. We don’t know if Tyrese and Zelie’s love for one another and his desire to get married again will result in them really getting married.

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