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The Largest Lottery Win Ever Was the $1.9 Billion Powerball Jackpot

Another new world record has been formally established by the Powerball prize. According to Powerball, the jackpot is currently projected to be worth $1.9 billion with a cash option of $929.1 million before the next drawing on Monday.

That means if someone wins Monday’s jackpot, which is scheduled to start at 10:59 p.m. ET, it will break the previous record for the highest Powerball jackpot ever won ($1.586 billion by three ticket buyers in 2016). The Powerball jackpot now surpasses the $1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot from 2018, which stood as the second-largest lottery payout ever.

The Powerball jackpot had increased to $1.6 billion, but none of the tickets purchased had all six of the winning numbers, which were 28 45 53 56 69, and the Powerball number, 20, drawn on Saturday night. 3 were in the power play.

Since no one won the Powerball drawing on Saturday, the jackpot has increased to a record $1.9 billion. $2 is the cost of each Powerball play. In addition to the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, 45 states also sell tickets. Although winners have the option of choosing a 29-year annual payment plan, most choose to take the ultimate amount in cash.

The top 10 Powerball jackpots of all time are shown below:

1: November 7, 2022, $1.9 billion

2. $1.58 billion: January 13, 2016, CA, FL, and TN

3. $768.4 million: Wisconsin, March 27, 2019

4. $758.7 million: August 23, 2017, Massachusetts

5. MD January 20, 2021: $731.1

6. Oct. 4, 2021: $699.8 million – California

7. IA, NY $687.8 million: October 27, 2018

8. CA, WI, $632.6 million: January 5, 2022

9. $590,05,000,000: May 18, 2013 – Florida

10. $587.4 million: November 28, 2012, Arizona, Missouri

If you win the lottery, should you take the lump sum or annual payments?

Originally published on USA TODAY, this article says: How much is the current Powerball jackpot? where it stands on the list of all time.

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