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The Real Story of Cillian Murphy’s Wife

Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor who has been in the business for several decades. Although he gained prominence in the early 2000s by appearing in films such as “28 Days Later” and “Batman Begins,” Murphy’s most well-known role is one from television. Murphy has played mobster Thomas Shelby on Netflix’s “Peaky Blinders” since 2013, with a new final season on the horizon.

“I’m not a tough guy at all, so it was by far the toughest character I’ve ever portrayed, and him being so physical and the amount of respect and fear that this family has in this town means that we all had to look tough,” Murphy said of his TV role. “You’ve got to commit to the material and commit to the character and his choices.”

In his personal life, Murphy married visual artist Yvonne McGuinness in 2004. The couple met at a 1996 gig with Murphy’s former band, Sons of Mr. Green Genes, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. What else should fans know about Murphy’s wife?

Yvonne McGuinness, Cillian Murphy’s wife, is tested by his job. Cillian Murphy, star of “Peaky Blinders,” spoke to Metro UK in 2009 on how his tough performances have affected his marriage to Yvonne McGuinness. “If you ask my wife about how I am during different films, she says she can see a marked difference.

Cillian Murphy's Wife

Obviously, when I come home in the evening, I switch off and put the bins out, but it seeps in there by osmosis. I’m sure I’ve been an a**hole. It’s a difficult thing living with an actor,” he explained. “I live quite a quiet life with my wife in London.

I love living there and no one ever comes up to me. I don’t go to parties or openings, so you don’t tend to end up in the paper. I’m just the guy who sits on the train and stares at people because I’m interested in idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, and character things,” Murphy explained to Metro.

According to her official website, McGuinness is a visual artist who “works with a place, time, and community.” In 2019, she presented a performance event called “Before the Last Sun Sets” in an Irish park. McGuiness’ work “includes performance, film, photography, sewing, writing, sculpture, and context-specific installations,” according to her Vimeo page.

“The kids are of a certain age. I think if you live in a world capital — like New York or London or wherever — it’s excellent and exciting and stimulating in your 20s and 30s. Then there’s a point where the things that were excellent and stimulating are now a bit sort of tedious and draining.

You want something quieter and that’s what we did,” Murphy explained in a June 2021 interview with The Irish Times about why his family moved from London to Dublin. Murphy also spoke to The Guardian in 2016 on his and McGuinness’ choice to relocate their family from London to Ireland.

“We intended them to be Irish, I suppose,” he explained. “It’s surprising how rapidly their accents have altered; even after a year, they are dissolving into this rakish west Brit kind of thing.” Living in Ireland appears to have been the greatest thing for their family, as well as allowing McGuiness’ career to develop.

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