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The Rookie Season 4: Cast, Episodes, How You Can Watch It?

The ABC criminal dramedy The Rookie has finished its fourth season, making it no longer a rookie on television. The bond between showrunner Alexi Hawley and star Nathan Fillion, who previously collaborated on the ABC series Castle, is continued in the new series.

When The Rookie made its debut on ABC in 2018, it added a police drama to the network’s schedule, which previously only featured medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor. There is a sizable fandom for the show.

The Rookie Season 4 Cast 

The Rookie’s lead actor, Nathan Fillion, portrays John Nolan. Fillion is a beloved actor who is most remembered for his appearances in the cult classic TV programs Firefly and Castle, both of which had limited runtime.

The other actors who will appear on the programme with Fillion at the start of season four are listed below.

  • Shawn Ashmore – Wesley Evans
  • Mekia Cox – Nyla Harper
  • Kamar de los Reyes – Ryan Caradine
  • Alyssa Diaz – Angela Lopez 
  • Camille Guaty – Sandra de La Cruz
  • Richard T. Jones – Sgt. Wade Grey
  • Titus Makin Jr. – Jackson West
  • Melissa O’Neil – Lucy Chen
  • Eric Winter – Tim Bradford 
the rookie season 4
the rookie season 4

The Rookie Season 4 Episodes Details 

Episode 1: Life and Death(Airdate: Sep 26, 2021)

In an effort to save Lopez’s life as well as the life of her unborn child, Officer Nolan and the rest of the squad race against time to find her after she is abducted on her wedding day.

Episode 2: Five Minutes (Airdate: Oct 3, 2021)

Both officers Nolan and Chen run in when a famous robber alerts them about a possibly significant robbery around the Getty’s major gala event.; Nolan pulls the nerve to propose to Bailey.

Episode 3: In the line of fire (Airdate: Oct 10, 2021)

When officers Nolan and Chen arrive at a structure fire, they have a sneaking suspicion that something is not quite right; The crew looks for the shooter after a sniper attack and learns that they are connected to one of their own.

Episode 4: Red Hot (Airdate: Oct 17, 2021)

Officers Nolan and Chen look for a missing individual who may have connections abroad, risking everyone’s life; Harper keeps looking for a serial criminal; Wesley has an impossible mission to do.

Episode 5: A.C.H (Airdate: Oct 31, 2021)

When a brand-new designer drug enters the market, Officer Nolan and the crew experience a Halloween they won’t soon forget, and Lucy wonders if her apartment complex is indeed haunted.

Episode 6: Poetic Justice (Airdate: Nov 7, 2021)

Officer Nolan and his squad are trying to find a hidden cache of gold before any more treasure hunters are injured; Bradford offers to travel with the station’s oldest officer in an effort to persuade him to retire.

Episode 7: Fire Fight (Airdate: Nov 14, 2021)

Officer Nolan and Officer Bailey learn that Fred’s death was more complicated than first appears; Officers Chen and Bradford want another treasure hunt, and they ask Officer Grey to assist them to decide the terms of a fresh bet.

Episode 8: Hit and Run (Airdate: Dec 5, 2021)

The squad searches the entire city for a person who is posing a threat of a mass casualty disaster; Tim’s sister arrives unannounced with some unexpected news; Lopez’s internal conflict about Wesley’s agreement with Elijah is still going on.

Episode 9: Breakdown (Airdate: Dec 12, 2021)

Wesley wants to set up a listening device in Elijah’s workplace so that he might be implicated in order to end his relationship with him; Officer Bradford and his sister Genny discover a disturbing family secret.

Episode 10: Heart Beat (Airdate: Jan 2, 2022)

Given that John Nolan is knowledgeable of Bailey’s past, He must make a decision for their future; The crew scrambles to determine why a jet crashes in the center of the city.

Episode 11: End Game (Airdate: Jan 09, 2022)

Officers Chen and Bradford are looking into the death of a homeless youngster who was once friends with Tamara; they must depend on a criminal’s knowledge to assist them to stop a greater threat.

Episode 12: The Knock (Airdate: Jan 23, 2022)

The crew investigates a story of a severed hand washing up on the shore and goes out to identify its owner; Tim asks Lucy out on a double date with him and Ashley to show Lucy that he isn’t a control freak.

Episode 13: Fight or Flight (Airdate: Jan 30, 2022)

For Officers Nolan and Chen to successfully recover a stolen police aircraft from a young burglar, they must complete three objectives; After a prison riot, Officers Harper and Thorson are forced to watch after a convicted police murderer in the hospital.

Episode 14: Long Shot (Airdate: Feb 27, 2022)

Officers Nolan and Harper assist Skip Tracer Randy in his initial bounty hunter case; Officer Chen and Sgt. Bradford looks for the person responsible for a citywide crime wave.

Episode 15: Hit List (Airdate: Mar 06, 2022)

Officer Harper leads Officer Aaron through a Plain Clothes Day exercise, but a suspicious visitor interrupts the activity; The squad has to find the culprits quickly after two witnesses for a forthcoming grand jury case are killed.

Episode 16: Real Crime (Airdate: Mar 13, 2022)

Officer Thorsen unwillingly accepts to participate in a reality programme to help redesign his image because he is desperate to change how the public perceives him; The crew must look into the case when the show’s producer is discovered dead before Aaron becomes the prime suspect.

Episode 17: Coding (Airdate: Apr 03, 2022)

Officer John Nolan and the crew believe they must bargain with a distressed guy who is holding a hospital hostage in order to make sure his wife gets a necessary operation.

Episode 18: Backstabbers (Airdate: Apr 10, 2022)

The group is ordered to look into a railway heist; Officer Harper takes matters into her own hands and makes a decision that will change her personal life; Officer Chen has second thoughts about serving as Sgt. Bradford’s assistant.

Episode 19: Simone (Airdate: Apr 24, 2022)

Officer Nolan and the FBI’s Los Angeles division solicit the assistance of FBI trainee Simone Clark after one of her former classmates is accused of terrorism following an explosion at a nearby power station.

Episode 20: Enervo (Airdate: May 01, 2022)

The joint task force is suspicious of the CIA’s role in the issue as they work along with the LA division of the FBI to stop explosives that have been dispersed across the city by a suspected terrorist.

Episode 21: Mother’s Day (Airdate: May 08, 2022)

Tim and Lucy decide on their plans for Mother’s Day and a romantic getaway; Sgt. Grey supports Officer Nolan’s goal to become a training officer and offers to ride with him for the day to help him get ready.

Episode 22: Day in the Hole (Airdate: May 15, 2022)

Police Chen and Sgt. Bradford works together to go undercover in a potential drug trafficking case while Officer Nolan is forced to spend a week in solitary confinement with a young local officer who needs some training.

Where to Watch Rookie Season 4?

Live broadcasts of The Rookie are broadcast on ABC, one of the four main TV networks that are accessible in all U.S. TV markets and is a part of almost every traditional cable/satellite pay-TV subscription. If you’re rocking it old school, a TV antenna may also be used to obtain the local ABC broadcast. Major live TV streaming sites including Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV all offer ABC.

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