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The Suspect in the Perimeter Mall Shooting Has Been Apprehended

The guy who shot someone in the food court at the Perimeter Mall on Friday afternoon has been taken into custody by the police. Dunwoody Police Department made the announcement on social media that they have a suspect in custody.

Both the suspect and the victim were transported to Grady hospital, where it is reported that their conditions have not changed significantly. The public has not been informed of their identities. The perpetrator and the victim got into an argument, and then bullets were fired, according to Dunwoody Police Sgt. Michael Cheek, who was speaking to the media at the site.

According to Cheek, the victim fired back, causing the suspect to be hurt in the process. Following the shooting, the suspect ran away from the mall and was eventually apprehended about an hour later at the Pleasantdale Crossing Apartments, which are located off Pleasantdale Road and close to Interstate 85.

The owner of Perimeter Mall, Brookfield Properties, issued a statement in which it referred to the shooting as “an isolated and regrettable incident.” “We would like to express our gratitude to our security provider as well as our partners at the Dunwoody Police Department for their prompt actions and responses. We are forwarding all inquiries regarding this matter to the police department since it is still an open and continuing investigation.

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Shortly after hearing gunshots, one person approached law enforcement and requested to be contacted when the scene was secured. This individual stated that she and approximately fifty other people were sheltering in the back of Victoria’s Secret store.

Another person mentioned on the page of department that following the shootings, she and her family took cover in an elevator. A customer at Von Maur reported that shortly after hearing the sound of gunfire, he made his way out of the store through one of the exits.

Cheek, who was there at the crime site, verified the shooting a little after 5 o’clock in the evening. At the time, no information about either the victim or the culprit was made public; however, in a statement that was made later by the department, it was stated that the incident had been “isolated” and that the shooter was currently in jail.

It was said in the statement that “this was an isolated incidence” and that “there is no threat to the public.” This is a narrative that is still unfolding. Cheek has stated that additional information would be made public as more details become available. The news that the suspect in the shooting at the Perimeter Mall has been taken into custody was initially published by Rough Draft Atlanta.

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