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The Truth About Michael Lavaughn Robinson!

We may receive income from BetterHelp as an affiliate if you purchase products or services via the links provided. In this brief guide, we will look at the truth about Michael Lavaughn Robinson and everything else you need to know about him.

What Is The Real Truth About  Michael Lavaughn Robinson?

The reality about Michael Lavaughn Robinson is that he does not exist, and some people on Facebook claimed, in a now-deleted page, that Michelle Lavaughn Robinson, the previous first lady of the United States, was born as Michael Lavaughn Robinson.

Conspiracy theories are hot right now in the United States, and they were even hotter in the months leading up to the country’s biggest election ever, between the Republican nominee and incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, and many theories were floated about both candidates.

One conspiracy theory held that Michelle Obama, or Michelle Lavaughn Robinson, her maiden name, was born Michael Lavaughn Robinson and is a transsexual woman who altered her gender after being born a man. There are two major issues with this theory.

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The first is that there is no proof that a Michael Lavaughn Robinson ever existed, or that Michelle Lavaughn Robinson or Michelle Obama ever changed her gender, and the second is that even if she was a transgender person, her intellect and drive to make a positive change in the world would not have changed.

The biggest indication that the conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama was born Michael Lavaughn Robinson is a hoax is that the people who spread it are transphobic, not the ones it was designed to educate, namely Democrats or moderates.

The Truth About Michael Lavaughn Robinson

People who typically allege such things and accuse other groups of concealing things like their gender or sexual orientation are the same people who have issues with people having different gender identities or sexual orientations, and when they propagate such theories, their negative beliefs about other communities show up in the way they are framed.

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