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Three Dead, Three Wounded in Maryland Home Shooting

According to authorities, three of the six persons who were shot Sunday night in a Maryland neighbourhood died as a result of their injuries. When officers arrived at a home in the Paddington Place neighbourhood, which Mayor Gavin Buckley described as a middle-class residential area, they found gunfire, according to Annapolis police.

 When the police came, they discovered six people who had been shot. Three individuals were found dead at the location; their ages ranged from early 20s to mid-50s. Even though a motive for the killing was unknown as of Monday morning, Annapolis Police Chief Edward Jackson acknowledged that a person of interest is in custody and reaffirmed that the tragedy wasn’t a “random act of violence.”

“”his was an interpersonal dispute, so I want to show the community there is no public safety threat due to this unfortunate incident,””Jackson said. Unknown circumstances were used to convey the injured to nearby hospitals. The relationship between the shooter and the victims was kept a secret by the police.

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“”onight was an example of, yet again, senseless violence,””added Buckley. “”eople using weapons to solve problems. It is the most absurd thing that our society is capable of. We must take action to halt this. “”e are saddened, saddened for the families, saddened for Annapolis that they have to deal with things like this,””he continued.

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