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Three Indian Students Were Killed in a Car Accident in Connecticut

According to statements made by the students’ families, three individuals hailing from the Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were taken from this world in a tragic car accident in the United States. The accident, which took place on Tuesday in the state of Connecticut, involved a truck and a minivan. There were fatalities as a result of the collision.

The families of the people who passed away said that there were eight occupants in the minivan when it crashed. Three people were pronounced dead at the scene, while four other people were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and one person was hurt less severely.

The top five nations in the world for Indian students looking to immigrate. Telangana is the home state of two victims, while the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh was represented by the third victim. The names Prem Kumar Reddy (from Hyderabad), Pavani (from Warangal), and V. Sai Narasimha were found on the bodies of the deceased (East Godavari).

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A young boy dials 9-1-1 after inspecting the contents of an old bag he caught while fishing. Sai Narasimha’s trip to the United States in August of this year was in preparation for him to begin his Master of Science degree. A corporation engaged this engineering grad from Hindustan Engineering College in Chennai after completing their education there.

After some time had passed, the young man, at 23 years old, gave up his employment and enrolled in a master’s program at a university in Connecticut. When his parents discovered their son had passed away, they were shocked. S. Ishwarya, who also resides in the same hamlet, had the good fortune to walk away from the collision with only minor injuries.

The relatives of those who passed away have requested assistance from both the central and state governments in retrieving their loved ones’ bodies. (To sign up for daily delivery of our e-paper via WhatsApp, please click here. Please click here if you want to receive it via Telegram. The PDF of the document can be shared on WhatsApp and other social media platforms with our permission.

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