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Toni Fowler: Age, Height, Weight, And Body Dimensions

Toni Fowler in the film An Actress. Toni Fowler made her television debut in 2016 with the series A1 ko, which was a success. Toni Fowler is a YouTube sensation. As of March 23, 2019. Toni Fowler’s Age, Wiki, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Biography, Movies List, Husband, Father, Mother, Affairs, Education, Parents, and More are all available here.

Toni Fowler is a well-known Filipino actress, model, social media personality, businesswoman, Internet star, and influencer. Her acting, vlogs, dance, challenges, and prank videos helped her gain recognition on YouTube and Instagram.

In addition, she appeared in the film ‘A1 ko sa’yo.’ Her enormous effort serves to divert the public’s attention. She is a social media force that often shares racy photos with her followers. Tyrone Fowler, her daughter, joined her in making vlogs.

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Early Life

Toni Fowler was born in the Philippines and grew up in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Toni Fowler has not revealed the identities of her parents, however, her father’s name is Late Antonio Fowler, according to her social media profiles. She has also included a portrait of her father. Fowler is a Filipino-born Christian. Her birthright grants her Philippine citizenship.

Age, Height, Weight, And Body Dimensions

Her current age is 28. Aside from that, Toni is 5’6″ tall and weighs around 50 kg. Toni’s body dimensions are 30-32-26. Toni is well-known for her amazing appearance; as a result, she has black eyes and black hair, which complement her beauty greatly.


Toni Fowler finished her education at a local high school. We don’t know anything about Toni’s educational background or college affiliation. She has been interested in fashion and modeling since she was a child.

Private Life

Toni was in a relationship with Filipino artist Rob Moya. They chose to marry after dating for several years. They had an exceptionally happy marriage. Toni’s name was also tattooed on her shoulder by Rob. The couple was blessed with a daughter after a few years of marriage. Her given name was Tyrone Fowler.

She is a gorgeous young lady. Tyrone’s parents, Rob Moya and Toni Fowler divorced some years after she was born. It’s unclear whether they’re divorced, but they’re no longer living together.

Professional Development

After finishing her education, Fowler began her journey toward her dream. She aspired to be a highly competent model in the film industry and on social media. As a result, she pushed herself to achieve her goals. Fowler tried everything he could to transform her into a model. It wasn’t just any model, either; it was a highly talented and professional one. Fowler thereafter tried to enhance her fitness by going to gyms. And everyone may see how she appears now.

It’s all because of her workouts. Shen then increased her visibility on many social media platforms, including Tik Tok. She did, in fact, continue to make Tik Tok videos. Regardless, she was active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Lyka, and Facebook. All she wanted was to be well-known both within and outside of her country.

That is why she selected these apps. Within a short time, several companies began using her for their commercials. And it was in this way that she rose to prominence. Toni Fowler thereafter began to appear in films and television series. She was cast in the television show “A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo” due to her excellent qualities. She made her first appearance on the show as Gemma on September 1, 2016.

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