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Trevor Noah Divorce: the Couple Separating After a Lot of Romance

It’s finished. After dating for two years, Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly have decided to end their relationship.
A source close to the situation reveals exclusively to Us Weekly that the Daily Show host, age 38, and the Friday Night Lights veteran, age 41, “had been broken up for a time.” There is no bad blood between them, and they get along famously with one another.

Even though Noah and Kelly were known to keep their relationship relatively discreet, they were initially connected in September of the year 2020.

A reliable source revealed to Us in an exclusive interview at the time that regarding their relationship, “They’ve been dating for a while, far before the [coronavirus] quarantine started.” Later on, in the same month, the comedian was seen assisting the actress from “The Roommate” with carrying baggage into his apartment in New York City. The relationship timeline of the couple has a lot of romance.

As announced publicly in May 2021 that the two had parted ways. However, after a month they got back together again.

An insider revealed to Us in June 2021 that Minka and Trevor’s relationship had been “on-and-off.” “At this point, they have reconciled. They concluded that being together makes both of them happier than being apart. They have already taken a trip together and are continuing to spend a lot of time with one another. They are focused on improving their relationship while also taking pleasure in spending time together.

A cryptic acknowledgment of their connection was made by the political analyst for the first time via Instagram in December of 2021. Noah was spotted at a crowded table of people in a birthday post for a buddy, seated next to Kelly. The photo was posted online.

After a month had passed, the Charlie’s Angels actress, who is known for maintaining her privacy, uploaded a picture on Instagram showing herself with the South African native in his own country. “You should go on vacation to South Africa. Find pals like this. Spend your time off having the vacation of a lifetime. She captioned the photo with the phrase “thank you, Mzansi.”

Kelly has been quite open about the reasons why she prefers to keep the status of her romantic relationships a secret.

trevor noah divorce
trevor noah divorce

In October of 2018, she gave the following interview to the New York Post, in which she said, “I’m not seeing anyone right now, but for some reason, for me, things turn into headline madness, and I’ve gone through hell. So, now, I don’t say anything.” Kelly continued by saying, “You’ll never see a picture of me with a guy on any of my social media feeds.” Unless I end up getting married. But maybe not. I take pleasure in keeping certain things hidden.

Although Noah has mostly kept the details of his personal life hidden from the public, he did discuss his views on the meaning of love in an interview he gave in 2016 to The Citizen newspaper in South Africa. He added, “I understand that if I love myself and I have friends who love me and family that loves me, I will always exist in a state of love.”

“I realize that if I have family and friends that love me, I will always exist in a state of love.” He explained, “That’s the thing I learned: happiness is a decision; happiness is hard work.” “That’s the thing I learned,” he remarked.

Noah dated singer and model Jordyn Taylor from 2015 to 2018 before beginning his relationship with the former cast member of Parenthood. Before that, he dated musician Dani Gabriel from 2014 until 2015. Kelly, for her part, dated Derek Jeter from 2008 until 2011. She has been connected romantically to Donald Faison, Chris Evans, and John Mayer, among other celebrities.

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