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Trump’s Criticism of Mcconnell’s Death Wish Statement: an in-depth Look at the Story

Since the beginning of the year, the former president has been quite critical of the Republican senator from Kentucky and his wife, but McConnell has maintained his silence throughout the entire ordeal.

Trump’s Criticism of Mcconnell’s Death Wish Statement

 District of Columbia — Following his criticism over the weekend of senior Republican leader Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao, former President Donald Trump is again receiving reaction for his comments. The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal issued one of the harshest criticisms of the former President of the United States.

Trump criticized McConnell in a tweet published on his social media network, Truth Social, for his role in assisting Democrats in passing a package to keep the government operating. He asked if McConnell was not negotiating with Democrats on bills “because he hates Donald J. Trump and he knows I am strongly opposed to them,” or if it was because he believes in the Democrats’ proposal for a “Green New Deal.” McConnell responded by saying he did not negotiate with Democrats “because he hates Donald J. Trump and he knows I am strongly opposed to them.”

Trump reinforced his point in his post on Truth Social by saying, “[McConnell] has a DEATH WISH.” “[He] must promptly seek support and advice from his China-loving wife…,” the sentence reads. After that, he called Chao, who was born in Taiwan and was a member of his cabinet until she resigned following the riots in the Capitol on January 6, “Coco Chow,” which has been widely condemned as racist. Chao was a member of his cabinet until she resigned following the riots in the Capitol on January 6.

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The former U.S. Transportation Secretary’s office told NewsNation that Chao had no comment.

The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal responded to the former president’s assaults on McConnell and Chao by arguing that they were dangerous and may incite violence.

Even though Mr. Trump’s defenders insist that the president just meant that Mr. McConnell wants to see his political career end, that is not what the president said.

It’s not hard to picture a zealot who takes Mr. Trump at his word and plots to assassinate Mr. McConnell. Mr. Trump’s remarks regarding former Vice President Mike Pence on January 6 were taken much too seriously by many of his fans.

One member of the former president’s staff, Taylor Budowich, reacted to the Wall Street Journal editorial by telling the Washington Post that McConnell was “destroying the Republican Party through weakness and cowardice.”

The Republican Party and our country will be saved by President Trump and the America First advocates in Congress, said Budowich to the Post.

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Trump has been critical of McConnell before, mocking him when he denounced the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and blaming him for Republicans losing control of the Senate in the Georgia runoffs.

After McConnell appeared to criticize Trump-endorsed candidates by claiming “candidate quality” may cost Republicans control of the Senate in August, Trump called on McConnell to resign or be replaced as Senate Republican leader.

Trump's criticism of McConnell's death wish
Trump’s criticism of McConnell’s death wish

McConnell and other Republican leaders have been silent in the face of Trump’s new onslaught. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who is leaving office but is on the House Select Committee looking into the disturbances on the Capitol grounds on January 6, utilized Trump’s statement to offer her critique of the GOP.

Trump’s comments on the Republican Senate leader were “very thinly veiled,” and they “may easily provoke bloodshed.” Cheney remarked during a Syracuse University speech, “Nobody in my party will say that’s inappropriate.”

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