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Two Automobiles Collide, and a Person is Trapped in a Serious Crash on I-93

On Friday, there was a significant accident on Interstate 93 that included three automobiles, two of which had rolled over, and officials were responding to it while heavy traffic piled up along the highway. Sky5 flew above the accident scene on the northbound side of Interstate 93 in Stoneham and noticed two SUVs lying on their sides: one black and one white.

The black SUV was in the left lane, and the white SUV was in the right lane. Both automobiles were positioned so that they faced in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic. According to the fire department, a third vehicle was involved in the accident as well, and it came to a stop on the left side of the road approximately one hundred yards up the road.

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After the collision, firefighters reported that they had to use cutting tools to free at least one passenger from their vehicle. This person, along with two others, was transported to the emergency room of Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington to receive medical attention. During the response, there was a momentary closure of all roads heading north.

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