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Two Pennsylvania Boys Playing With Their Kittens Were Shot and Killed

A shooter opened fire on a teenager, who was also killed in the triple homicide, before shooting two Pennsylvania boys as they were playing with their kittens outside their home. In a “truly heartbreaking” incident in Lebanon on Tuesday, Mayor Sherry Capello reported that 8-year-old Jesus Perez-Salome was pronounced dead on the back porch of his home and 9-year-old Sebastian Perez-Salome was brought to a nearby hospital where he passed away from his wounds.

Joshua Lugo-Perez, 19, who authorities suspect was the intended victim, was also killed. “This tragedy has resulted in the deaths of two youngsters. “They had nothing to do with this; they were outside playing with their kittens,” said Pier Hess Graf, the district attorney for Lebanon County. “And that evening, their mother lost two of their children.”

According to Lebanon police chief Bret Fisher, who spoke at a press conference on Thursday, authorities have so far detained two people and are looking for a third. Lugo-Perez was also taken in an ambulance and later declared dead at the hospital. He had a prior argument with the accused, according to the police.

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Fisher stated, “At this moment, we still believe Lugo was the target of the gunfire. “This was the outcome of a previous argument.” Luis Cancel, 33, a fourth victim, also sustained injuries in the incident, according to the investigators. He should make a full recovery. Graf reported that a man and a teenager were detained on Wednesday and charged with three charges of criminal homicide.

one crime of aggravated assault, and three counts of conspiring to commit that homicide. When police searched a building, the two suspects attempted to run, according to Fisher. According to Fisher, one of the perpetrators was detained immediately, while the other was apprehended three hours later.

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According to the Lebanon Daily News, the alleged murderers were James Fernandez-Reyes, 16, and Alex Torres-Santos, 22. Officers are still looking for the third suspect, a male who has not been named. Graf stated that the decision to seek the death penalty in this instance would be considered by the prosecutors. She said of the choice, “It is not one we take lightly.



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