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Tyrese Slams Ex-wife Amid Divorce; Why Singer Accused Ex-wife of Lying.

After announcing their decision to end their marriage in 2020, after having been together for four years, Tyrese and his ex-wife Samantha have had a rough go of it ever since.

Who is Tyrese Slams?


Upon this world, Tyrese Darnell Gibson arrived on December 30, 1978. His self-titled debut album featured the Top 40 smash “Sweet Lady.” 2001 and 2002 saw the release of his second and third studio albums, 2000 Watts and I want to Go There, respectively. How You Gonna Act Like That, his biggest hit, reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100. His fifth album, Open Invitation, was nominated for a Grammy, and his fourth, Alter Ego, dabbled in hip hop (2011). Tyrese’s highest-charting album to date is 2015’s, Black Rose. Over 4 million copies have been sold in the United States alone.

Before he played Roman Pearce in Fast & Furious, Tyrese was a celebrity in Baby Boy (2001). In addition to his role as Robert Epps in Transformers, Tyrese reunited with Singleton for the 2005 film Four Brothers. Both Ride Along two and Morbius feature his appearance (2022).
While married, Gibson and Norma Mitchell had a child in 2007.
On February 14, 2017, he tied the knot with Samantha Lee. Their little girl was born on October 1, 2018. In 2020, Gibson and Lee officially called it quits as a couple. Gibson started his life over. Tyrese spent $4 million on an Atlanta home in 2017.

Statement of Tyrese Slams About His Divorce


Since the couple announced their decision to end their marriage in 2020, after having been married for four years, things have been going from bad to worse for Tyrese and his ex-wife Samantha. One month ago, things came to a head when the singer, nominated for a Grammy, refused to give Lee any spousal support and asked for joint custody of the couple’s three-year-old daughter, Soraya Gibson. This caused tensions to rise between the two parties.

However, during Tyrese’s court hearing back in August, things did not go as he had expected them to happen.
The judge determined that the singer had to pay child support to Samantha for $10,000 per month, as well as share equally in the cost of any daycare or school expenses, and continue to carry health insurance. Tyrese was unhappy with the decision that was made.

Tyrese Slams Ex-Wife Amid Divorce
Tyrese Slams Ex-Wife Amid Divorce

On Thursday (September 15), he posted a questionable video to Instagram along with a statement intended for his ex-wife. According to what he wrote, Samantha “truly believed she pulled it off.” “Ugly isn’t something God cares for.”

The performer for TGT continued by claiming that his ex-girlfriend had lied to the authorities, and he said, “15 egregious falsehoods uttered under the threat of being perjured. I have had my name and reputation dragged through the mud. And dragged out an unanticipated divorce over two years.”

This post by Tyrese came only a few days after fans accused him of exploiting Kim Kardashian’s name to disparage his former wife. In the video clip in which he admits that his situation with Samantha left him “confused” and slipping “in and out of depressions,” he captioned it strategically as “Telling people for the first time about when I lived with Kim Kardashian and contemplated suicide.” In the video clip, he admits that his situation with Samantha left him “confused” and slipping “in and out of depression.”

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