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Uk Student Detained After Campus Attack

A University of Kentucky student has been detained in relation to a verbal and physical assault against another UK student. UK Police conducted the arrest at Boyd Hall on the campus of the UK. On Sunday morning at roughly 3:50 AM, Sophia Rosing was taken into custody at the Fayette County Detention Facility.

She is accused of disorderly conduct, being intoxicated with alcohol while in a public place, fourth-degree assault, and third-degree assault (of a police officer). $10,000 was established as her bond.

A video capturing Rosing assaulting Kylah Spring, another student. She was working in the hostel as a desk clerk at the time. The video that Spring posted on social media to explain the circumstance has been gaining popularity online.

I’m Kylah, for those of you who don’t know me. Spring Kylah I attend the University of Kentucky,” Spring declared. She claimed that Rosing appeared to be inebriated when she entered the facility while she was manning the Boyd Hall front desk.

“I ask, “Are you alright?” and she stares at me while referring to me as a  claimed Spring. She bit the arm I was holding. She struck me in the face. Rosing can be heard repeatedly calling Spring racial epithets in the video. On campus, the video rapidly became viral. Many kids claim that what they see makes them ashamed.

UK freshman Julian Downey expressed his disappointment at witnessing one of his fellow students acting in such a hostile manner against another. “I just hope everybody in the UK always feels secure and comfortable and unfortunately that’s not what occurred,” Julian remarked.

The degree of bigotry that is still prevalent today indicates that adults are still preparing their children to live in the past, even if that is no longer the case. They must mature and adapt to modern life, said UK sophomore Sienna Edison-Turner.

In the UK, Treasure Huston is a sophomore. She claims that on Saturday night, she and her companions were at Boyd Hall, where they narrowly missed the incident but viewed the videos. Huston remarked, “It was heartbreaking like it was really…it hit me to my core.” She claimed that the footage made her feel less secure on campus. It’s challenging because I still run the risk of having it happen to me, and I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.

In the midst of the turmoil, Patricia Luna entered the lobby. I heard a slap followed by racial epithets, and I thought, “That’s not okay. I’m not going to leave. I’m going to bring out my phone so I can record,” said Luna. She remained until Rosing was taken into custody by the police.

The girl who was being harassed handled it so well, I thought. Even though Sophia gave her every single reason to want to fight back, she was always so professional and courteous and refrained from using violence, said Luna.

The UK released its initial comment on Twitter early on Sunday morning, stating that they are reviewing the event and providing support for the victim. Dr. Eli Capilouto, the president of the UK, later issued the following statement.

In one of our residence halls early this morning, there was an incident involving aggression toward our students, foul language, and racial slurs. A student employee who was working an evening shift at the front desk was one of the casualties.

I watched a video of the incident, and I can say that the student worker behaved professionally, with restraint, and with prudence. The offender was detained by UK Police, who filed criminal charges against him. Our Student Success teams are contacting the students who were the victims of this behavior to offer support, and our Office of Student Conduct is also launching an immediate review.

To be clear, we disapprove of this conduct and will never allow it. Our first goal has always been and will always be the safety and well-being of our community. We will offer more information when we come to understand more specifics about what took place.

On Friday, I addressed the campus about the obligations we have to one another as a community: to defend the right to free speech and to respect one another – everyone here on campus — as we work to forge a sense of belonging.

The video clips I’ve watched don’t respect the obligations we have to one another. They show violence, which is never okay, and a denial of the humanity of people living in our neighborhood. They don’t represent polite conversation. They are fundamentally at odds with who we are as a community and what we have always aspired to be.

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