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UP: A Man Records His Wife Attempting Suicide but Doesn’t Intervene. She Later Dies

A highly upsetting event occurred in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh when a man filmed his wife making what appeared to be an attempt to hang herself and then presented the footage to his wife’s family after she was reported to have committed suicide.UP Man Films His Wife Attempting Suicide, But It Doesn’t Stop Her. She Passes Away Later.

UP: A Man Films His Wife Trying To Kill Herself, But He Doesn’t Stop Her. She Dies Later

On Tuesday, Shobita Gupta, a woman who had been married for five years, took her own life. According to the police, she got into a quarrel with her husband, who is currently being questioned about the incident.

Shobita is shown in a video that was purportedly filmed by Sanjay Gupta on his cell phone hanging what appears to be a scarf around her neck and attempting to hang herself from the fan that is above her bed.

Even when she appears to be on the verge of doing something dangerous, Sanjay Gupta does not make any attempt to stop her. It is reported that he is saying: “Great. Yehi tumhaari soch hai. This is the way you think (Bhut shared such hai. You have a really low-quality mentality).”

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As she stands on the bed, Shobita removes the rope from her neck and casts a hostile glance in his direction. When it gets to that moment, the video is over. On Tuesday afternoon, Shobita’s father, Raj Kishore Gupta, received a phone call from his daughter’s husband informing him that his daughter had taken her own life.

Her loved ones went to her house, where they found her dead lying on the bed with Sanjay Gupta reportedly doing CPR on her.  Sanjay Gupta displayed the footage he had recorded to his in-laws and claimed that he had saved his wife the very first time that she attempted suicide. According to Shobita’s father, his behavior was rather suspicious, to say the least.

Up Man Films His Wife Attempting Suicide, But It Doesn't Stop Her. She Passes Away Later

“Instead of taking her to the hospital, we watched him pumping her chest in an attempt to revive her. He (Sanjay) showed us a video in which it was stated that she had attempted suicide in the past as well.

Although he was filming her, he did not attempt to stop her. That took place at about 12.30 in the afternoon. She passed away not long after that, which raises questions “Raj Kishore Gupta stated.

Shobita was taken by her family to the hospital, where it was confirmed that she had passed away. They eventually reported it to the authorities. Her loved ones are in disbelief, unable to come to terms with the fact that she could have been spared but no one intervened.

They stated, “Justice is what we seek.” One of the relative’s comments was, “Instead of stopping her, he continued taking the video and talked to her in a calm manner.” The authorities are looking into whether or not Sanjay played a role in the passing of his wife.

In an unusual and tragic occurrence in Uttar Pradesh, a husband videotaped his wife attempting to hang herself and later gave the footage to her family after she committed suicide. Shobita and Sanjay Gupta had been married for four years.

Sanjay Gupta allegedly captured Shobita attempting to hang herself from the fan above her bed while wrapping a noose around her neck. Even when she appears to be about to do something extreme, Sanjay Gupta never tries to stop her.

He is overheard saying: “Great. This is your frame of thinking. You have a really negative attitude.” After that, Shobita unties the noose. However, it is unknown what transpired next. Mumbai cops do CPR on a man who attempted suicide due to a family conflict. Father alleges that Sanjay showed us the footage of her attempting suicide.

Shobita’s father, Raj Kishore Gupta, claimed that his son-in-law called him on Tuesday to inform him that she had committed herself. When her family members came to her house in a rush, Sanjay Gupta looked to be administering CPR while her body lay on the bed. Sanjay Gupta claimed to have saved her on her first attempt and displayed the video he had filmed to his in-laws.

“Instead of taking her to the hospital, we observed him pumping her chest. He (Sanjay) gave us a video in which she admitted to attempting suicide before “NDTV reported Raj Kishore Gupta. Shobita was eventually brought to the hospital and pronounced dead.

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