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Urbio Shark Tank Update: Did It Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

The company Urbio, which specializes in creating contemporary vertical gardens for your home, was recently unveiled. Those who live in apartments or high-rises and lack access to green space or a yard can now use Urbio to grow edible plants indoors.

With the help of the pot’s powerful magnets and the Urbio mechanism, you may place your plant wherever you like in your home. You won’t need to use any screws because they can be mounted and removed with ease. Each and every type of plant imaginable can be delivered right to your front door.

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Urbio Shark Tank Update: Did It Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

In Episode 13 of Season 4 of ABC’s Shark Tank, Urbio first appeared on the show. The founders pitched their product and concept to the investors known as “Sharks,” and they shared their goals for the company’s future. Urbio’s products are trendy, decorative, natural, and, most importantly, suited for everyone who lives in buildings and flats and doesn’t have enough space for their garden.

Urbio Shark Tank Update
Urbio Shark Tank Update

This is because they enjoy gardening and have a great deal of experience and interest in home decor and decorating. They presented the Sharks with samples of their product and sought $300,000 in exchange for 12% ownership.

Founder Story

Jared Aller and Beau Oyler, two young entrepreneurs and friends, created, introduced, and developed Urbio. Both Jared and his wife are seasoned businesspeople and designers with extensive experience; their shared passion for home furnishings and ornamentation inspired them to launch their first firm, Enlisted Design.

They have always been enthusiastic about helping people who don’t have enough room in their homes for a garden see it as something aesthetic and enjoyable to undertake anyhow. A business called Urbio did the necessary research and development to create a line of items that make efficient use of plants to bring the outside indoors.

Their company began as a 40-day Kickstarter effort that sought $15,000 but ultimately raised $77,000 due to the enthusiasm of the Kickstarter community. Then, they got a big boost for their company after being featured on the show Shark Tank.

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What Happened To Urbio After Shark Tank?

Its sales rocketed after the show, and a $125,000 order came in only 1.5–2 months after the expo ended. Within a matter of months, they had their products featured in thousands of stores across the country. The company expanded into the production and design of bathroom and kitchen accessories after acquiring Sebi Space from Sebi Inc. in 2015.

In addition to rising to prominence as a leading plant-based designer and decorative accessories firm in the United States, they won a number of accolades for their work. In the following month of February 2016, the firm was sold in its whole to “Honey-Can-Do-International,” a global leader in the distribution of storage and organizing solutions. At the moment, their items are only available in the Perth area.

Urbio Net Worth

When the company appeared on Shark Tank, it had a valuation of about $4.5 million and had already generated $125,000 in revenue within five months of starting operations, therefore the valuation was based on that. But, its value rocketed by a factor of two or three after the show. This company is currently making $125,000 monthly in income. The corporation has not, however, shared details about its valuation.

Is Urbio Still In Business?

Since becoming one of the top Plant-Based Home-Decorating firms and offering designer skills with their products, the company has continued to thrive and expand.

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