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Virginia Mother Arrested, Police Said a 4-year-old Ate THC Candy and Died

A mother in Virginia is facing criminal murder and child negligence charges in connection with the unintentional death of her 4-year-old son. The authorities claim that medics discovered a high quantity of THC in the youngster, which resulted in the boy’s death. According to a news statement from the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office, the authorities suspect the toddler swallowed “a considerable number” of THC gummies.

After being indicted by a grand jury on Monday, Dorothy Annette Clements, 30, from Spotsylvania, was brought into jail on Thursday. Clements is a resident of Spotsylvania. According to the announcement, the youngster passed away on May 8 following what was described as a “medical issue.”

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the chemical component found in marijuana that is responsible for its psychoactive effects. According to Maj. Troy Skebo of the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office, who spoke to CNN about the incident, the youngster was placed on life support on May 6 and passed away two days later. Read more: Abortion Bans in the United States Create “Insurmountable Impediments” for Jailed Women

Virginia Mother Arrested
Virginia Mother Arrested

“Investigators have a strong suspicion that the youngster consumed a significant quantity of THC candies. According to the statements made by the attending physician to the Detectives, the death may have been avoided if medical attention had taken place sooner after the administration of the substance. “The mother’s statements to the detectives did not match the material that was taken from the residence,” the detectives said.

According to WUSA9’s report, when they met with Clements before she was accused, she stated that her kid was sitting directly next to her when he began to exhibit signs of trouble breathing. Clements was not prosecuted for her statements. “She became aware, for some reason, that he had consumed a gummy. She was under the impression that it would not be dangerous, so she phoned the poison control center,” WUSA9 stated.

The Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol poisoning that the youngster suffered is what ultimately led to their passing, according to the Virginia Department of Health, which also verified that the infant’s passing was an accident. Read more: Corey Feldman Net Worth, How Much Money Does He Make in a Year?

According to the police, an investigation into the event is now underway before the trial.

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