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Vivian Howard Divorce: Realizing the Pitch of Divorce

Ben Knight is married to Howard. This New York City pair first crossed paths while working at the Voyage restaurant. They have twins and raise them on Howard’s family farm in Deep Run, North Carolina. The news of Vivan Howard’s divorce was heard for a few days. Let’s see the truth behind the news of Vivan Howard’s Divorce.

Is Vivian Howard Divorcing From Ben Knight?

American-born celebrity chef Vivian Howard entered the world on March 8, 1978. Chef and co-owner of the acclaimed North Carolina restaurant Chef & the Farmer, whose life story was chronicled in the Emmy-winning PBS series A Chef’s Life.

When Howard was 14, she enrolled at Salem Academy, a Moravian boarding school for girls in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She then attended Virginia Episcopal School for two years. She attended North Carolina State University, earning a baccalaureate in English in 2001. While attending NC State University, she participated in a program that sent her to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a semester to hone her culinary skills. Upon completing his degree, Howard relocated to New York City to begin a career in advertising with Grey Worldwide. A year and a half later, she left to become a waiter at Voyage. Scott Barton, the head chef of the restaurant, served as her first official role model in the culinary world.

New York’s Institute of Culinary Education awarded Howard a degree in 2004. Her culinary education began with an internship at Wylie Dufresne’s wd50 and continued at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market, where she gained experience in the role of Chef de Partie.

Is Vivian Howard Divorcing From Ben Knight?

Married couple Ben Knight and Howard. Both Ben and Vivian were employed at Voyage, and it was there that they first crossed paths. They were employed by the company. As it turned out, sharing a passion for cooking was the common ground that led to romance.

They began their procession down the aisle not long after. Not long later, they welcomed twins Theo and Flo.

vivian howard divorce
Vivian Howard divorce

Vivian refers to Deep Run, North Carolina, where she and her family of four currently reside, as “the middle of nothing.” Their home is a spacious contemporary farmhouse that serves as a studio for her husband to pursue his artistic interests.

Ben and Vivian, the TV program, was very well received. They saw an increase in business as a result. As a group, they have each other’s backs and pitch in to assist with business plans.

The truth behind the divorce

Previously, Vivian shared details of her separation and divorce in an article for Garden and Gun. She responded, “In case you didn’t know, I’m getting a divorce, and the article’s title is “Love Languages, Decoded.” And the way things are set up, I haven’t been doing it alone. Instead, Ben and I have enlisted the support of a slew of professionals, including therapists, attorneys, family members, and friends, to facilitate the painful process of our breakup.

Someone on my side advised me early on to learn my partner’s “love language.” I had heard of this “love language” stuff before, but I was suspicious since I knew it originated in a self-help book written in the 1990s. For my life, I can’t figure out how platitudes can be considered severe scholarship. But I’ll heed the counsel of my gang and prepare myself properly if I decide to attempt dating again.

In addition to that, she posted about it on her blog.

Early on, I was advised to speak my partner’s “love language.” I had heard of this “love language” nonsense before and was skeptical because I knew it was first popularised by a self-help book published in the ’90s. I don’t see how cliches can pass for academic work. But if I decide to try dating again, I will listen to my friend’s advice and prepare myself.


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