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What Are the Five Stages of Divorce?

When a couple separates, they go through a range of feelings. When will I feel like myself again? The emotional journey through divorce and its aftermath. Divorce is one of life’s most upsetting experiences because of the emotional upheaval it causes. If you decide to get one, what should you anticipate? Exactly how can you simplify things for yourself?

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There Are Two Processes in Divorce.

Both the legal procedure and the psychological phase. It is difficult to say which is the more difficult task. There are five distinct phases to the emotional healing process: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. D-A-B-D-A. When a marriage or significant other ends, a person goes through those five stages of mourning.
Keep in mind that your feelings will likely vary from day to day, and perhaps from hour to hour. Divorce can cause a roller coaster of emotions, and it takes strength to ride them out.

Take the initiative to seek the assistance of a trained mental health professional. It’s fine to take your time during the counseling process. The wise choices our clients make as a result of our advising are tangible proof of the value of our services.

These phases of feeling are not linear. Not a checklist, exactly. You can’t move on to Stage 2 until you finish Stage 1. Grief can start at any time, whether before or after a divorce. Moreover, their effects will be felt for a long time afterward.

For some, there could be a dullness. For some, the world is a painful place. Your feelings are completely original to you. It’s an intimate matter. In the same way, getting better is a process.
You may count on time to be your most reliable ally. Don’t rush the grieving process. As bad as things are right now, they can only get better.


Denial is the first stage of divorce.

Simply said, you can be in denial without actively rejecting the facts. Being emotionally or mentally unable to accept reality might lead to denial. Too much information is being shown all at once. Attempting to avoid conflict is natural. However, there may be serious, enduring issues. Is this anything you’ve heard before?

She will recover; that’s her nature. Also, “He wasn’t intending that.” He’ll say sorry, and everything will be okay. A lack of acceptance might lead to misunderstanding or anxiety. Relief, the ordeal is finally coming to an end. Maybe you’re in disbelief because you didn’t see it coming. Despite your current discontent, you might feel like you have to try to save your marriage. You might feel like crying, getting headaches, or being stressed out. Everyone grieves in their unique way and at their own unique pace.


Anger is the second stage of divorce.

Irritation develops when a person feels they have been mistreated in some way, whether it be through deception, rejection, misunderstanding, or abandonment. It results when someone you trusted forces you into an undesirable situation.

You could be frustrated with your actions. Or irritated, frustrated, and worried about the divorce proceedings.

Worry, impatience, conflict, and griping are all emotions you may experience. It’s possible that you could overindulge in anything from alcohol to physical activity to food to television.
It could feel like a punishment to you. This could cause you to question your beliefs.

For what reason are you treating me this way? What the heck? The rage you feel is passion speaking. It has the potential to cause people to act in ways that aren’t consistent with who they truly are.

What Are the Five Stages of a Divorce?


Bargaining is the third stage of divorce.

Negotiation takes place at the “What if?” phase. To ponder the question, “What if I’d done more? This is the fight for understanding. The act of deriving significance from current events. It’s an effort to clarify the situation, recap how you arrived here, and strike a new deal.

There is a sense of guilt among some people who choose to end their marriages. Some people, in a last-ditch effort to save their marriages or their children’s futures, make vows like “I swear I’ll never cheat again,” or parents make deals to stay married despite the toxicity of their relationships.

Some people bargain with themselves, some with their partners, and still others with the Almighty. Saying something like, “I’ll stop drinking if you only bring her back to me,” may be a sign that you need to reach out to others and share your story.


Depression is the fourth stage of divorce.

Sadness, loss, and isolation are the root causes of depression. Depression is a common condition that affects nearly everyone. As a result, you may begin to doubt everything and wonder what you’re here for. There’s a chance you’re feeling bad about how your actions have affected your loved ones, especially your children. You may feel exhausted, nauseous, and unable to sleep. It’s normal to feel frustrated, useless, and ready to give up.

Feelings of emptiness are common depressive symptoms. Paralysis is a possible side effect. Nothing is genuine, but you continue to act as if it were. There are times when people can’t seem to pull themselves out of their sadness. It’s something they just can’t seem to get over. You shouldn’t let this carry on for too long. Don’t hesitate to ask for aid. Communicate your feelings with a qualified mental health practitioner.

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Acceptance is the fifth stage of divorce.

Get yourself here, because it’s the best place in the world. The process of acceptance is gradual. You recover your whole humanity over time. You have confidence that everything will turn out OK.

You gain perspective after accepting the divorce. More pleasant days than negative ones have come your way recently. You long for social interaction with your pals. as well as meeting some interesting new people. You feel more upbeat and open to the idea of developing plans and investigating potential solutions. It’s about making a fresh start in terms of work, housing, and personal goals. You have resolved to move on without your ex-spouse.

Knowing and being ready for the 5 stages of divorce can be great assistance in getting through this trying time.

Our research suggests that divorced couples go through all five stages, at least temporarily. It’s possible to be in more than one stage at once. Your interpretation is far more valuable than the precise arrangement.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Hydrate well and get some little exercise to take care of your body. Pay close attention to the food that you put into your body. Pick the good stuff when you’re hungry. Eschew both sugar and alcohol. When you need aid, ask for it. The problem can be discussed.

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